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Embody anti-racism and become the change you want to see in this world! As yogis when we hear these words:

“I Can’t Breathe” – George Floyd

we feel into this as a mighty call to action to awaken our beloved community to do anti-racism work. Please join us as we explore cycles of oppression, history of racism and uncover how and where we can help our world heal. This 6 week series met live in June 2020 and now exists as supportive content/journaling AND an ongoing monthly call for yogis, teachers, trainers everywhere who want to awaken to understand how to use our privileges in service to end racism…..

Be prepared to drop into a heart centered embodied space, go deeply beneath the surface together and co-create a relational container for embodied learning.

Music in this Course: Ang Sang Wahe Guru – Jai Kartar


  • The basics of anti racism activism; why its more important than ever
  • The awakening of anti racism after George Floyd’s death in 2020 and how we can continue to grow in awareness  and capacity to make change happen from within
  • Key concepts of the civil rights struggle and how to embody this movement and move from complacent to participating ally or resister of racism

Yinka Adeniji
Course Presenter

Highly motivated and professional individual with superior skills in working in both team-based and independent capacities. I bring nearly 20 years of strong work ethic and excellent organizational skills in the IT field. A quick study and adaptable to new environments for supporting both short and long-term business/technical initiatives. I’m a creative problem solver and team lead utilizing out of the box thinking to tackle a wide range of problems. I look forward to new challenges with a successful team.

Kenn Strickland
Course Presenter

I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Duke University. As a fellow Dukie, I understand what it means to be a Duke Student and how challenging it can be to navigate academics and campus life. As a Counseling Intern, I am committed to empowering students to balance their current passions and their future profession. I am enrolled at Naropa University, completing a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling. My counseling approach is trauma-informed, person-centered, and embodied. I encourage students to become aware of their breath, tap into their embodied wisdom, and explore their minds. I bleed Duke blue, and I am here to help you!

Priti Darshan
Course Presenter

Priti Darshan/Kristine’s guiding ethos is that all things are medicine if we properly access them and nurture a healing relationship that guides us closer to Truth. The medicine of love is the most potent of these medicines we can access. Aligned with the medicine of love, PDK works with the medicine of the womb and its relationship to the reality birthed around us. A womb aficionado, KY teacher, Hatha teacher, and student of Shipibo medicine, PDK weaves together the wisdom she has accessed from her own womb healing journey and the teachings of Kundalini Yoga to bring an experiential, contemplative, and ceremonial experience of working with womb healing.

Faith Hunter
Course Presenter

Faith Hunter MBA, E-RYT® 500 is a global yoga and meditation instructor, wellness philanthropist, movement motivator, healing guide, and a music head. She is the architect of Spiritually Fly™, a life philosophy that awakens the brilliance within the soul, and uses the ancient technologies of breath, movement, sound (chanting & music), and stillness, in a fresh and modern way to encourage students to live the life they desire. With a BS and MBA, Faith has also studied the depths of yoga, meditation, and energy healing. From the cover to pages of multiple magazines like Yoga Journal and Essence, global TV shows, and various other forms of media, Faith is a spiritual teacher that brilliantly blends Classic yogic principles and real-world occurrences into an integrated experience that is grounded, radical and unforgettably Spiritually Fly™. As a creative spirit, Faith is also a writer who has merged her love of poetry, meditation, and the healing arts into numerous projects. Her 2nd book, Spiritually Fly: Wisdom, Meditations, and Yoga to Elevate Your Soul will be released in 2021. Faith is also the owner of Embrace Yoga DC, located in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC, and the Founder/CEO of Embrace OM, a wellness brand focused on sharing the many voices of the world community.

Gurumukh Mark Harris
Course Presenter

Gurumukh Mark Harris first trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in the 70’s, and has been applying yogic philosophy, African-American Psychology, and other principles to his music performance, and addiction therapy practice, for nearly 40 years. In his musical, written, and activist work, he likes to reclaim a bit more of the original spirit of these technologies in their places of origin, where they could be accessed by poor and oppressed people in order to gain empowerment and enlightenment. He has over 40 years of experience in Cross-Cultural Addictions and Mental Health Counseling, Ethnic Studies Education, and training in evidence based, and culturally defined therapies. He specializes in “hard to reach”, and marginalized populations. Many times these populations have devised innovative and exportable solutions that are exportable to other more mainstreamed populations.

Dr. Japa Khalsa
Course Presenter

Dr. Japa Khalsa is a 25-year practitioner of Energy Medicine with a dual degree as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). Dr. Khalsa travels and teaches internationally as a Professional Teacher Trainer and Yoga Therapist. As co-author of Enlightened Bodies, she is passionate about sharing the power of the human body’s potential to self-heal. Her heart lies in serving public health and in bringing joy, enthusiasm and humor to teaching. She lives in Santa Fe, NM with her husband Harpal and their son, their two dogs, a cat and a box turtle Lucy.

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