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Are you ready for heart centered life fulfilling TRANSFORMATION?

Celestial communication is the “danciest” kind of meditation. In the space of the creation of new movement, the body relaxes and eases.

Awaken the flow of your heart’s song with fluid & feminine meditations and tap into your infinite LOVE.

Have you experienced deep listening, sensing, expressing and creativity in meditation? This is what the living meditative practice of Celestial Communication can do, bringing the flow of the sound current, through the body, for a beautiful experience of your soul.

In this workshop, Adarsh will share with you Celestial Communication meditations and songs to support your heart and the flow of infinite love.


More Information:

  • Express your emotions and devotions through movement and your voice to clear any blocks to experiencing your own divine love and infinity
  • Heal the past wounds of the heart so that you can feel peace and compassion and be open to new and renewed relationships of healthy love
  • Shift your vibration to a state of universal love so that you can experience and receive love in all of its forms, as it is always available to you
  • From this workshop, you will take with you a practice to keep nurturing your heart, and to continue opening to the love that is already deeply within you and available to you from many resources. 

Adarsh Kaur

Adarsh’s first loves were music and dance, which she studied from the age of three. These were her most original expressions of the divine, of creativity and a way to connect to the soul. In 1999, she expanded into a dedicated study of yoga, meditation, human consciousness and healing. Adarsh soon became a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a creator and teacher of Celestial Communication, for which she is most known. She shares these practices with an emphasis on self-love, receptivity and grace, in her hometown of Los Angeles and internationally.

Connect with Adarsh:
Website: https://www.adarshkaur.com/
Instagram: @adarshkaur 
Facebook: adarshkaurkhalsa
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/adarshkaur/featured
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