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Do you ever wonder about the “afterlife”? 

Do you worry about “death” for yourself or loved ones? 

Have you had someone close to you who passed? 

In this human experience, we can’t be free unless we face these questions and live our lives in awareness of the ultimate transformational force of death.

“The yogic tradition can symbolically be compared to a toy train set, with its tracks in the shape of a figure 8. The left side of the loop is marked LIFE, and the right side is marked DEATH. The intersection in the middle is the transition going from life to death and death to life. We are the train, with the engine our soul and the attached cars our accompanying physical body, mind and emotions for that lifetime. Also attached is our baggage or karmas for the trip. We encounter challenges along the tracks – opportunities for growth and erasing our karmas. If we pass the tests, we may be able to drop baggage/karma along the way. If not, we may need to pick up additional baggage. The only thing that is constant is the engine, our soul, traveling with us from incarnation to incarnation. The ultimate mission of the journey is to pay off one’s karma, so that the soul can consciously merge with the Infinite.”-Jivan Joti Khalsa PhD D

These times are shaking us to wake up. It’s time to pivot into full transformation; self-responsibility in all we say, think and do. Moment to moment, we choose our lives and when we face our karma and our eventual death with transparency & integrity, it can be the very fuel that gives us a fulfilling life; free of fear, full of wonder and appreciating every precious moment of this life we have before us. There is so much power when we come together and renew ourselves with this transformational awareness.

More Information

  • Free yourself from your fears of death
  • Understand the yogic philosophies of life/death
  • Explore the concepts of your Karma (fate), your Dharma (destiny)
  • Drill down on and investigate Reincarnation and how this philosophy gives us peace
  • Specific techniques & meditations from Dying into Life, KRI’s latest publication to gift you with transformation and freedom

Special Bonus:

Lesson 7 has is special bonus session which includes:

  • Meditation to Practice Dying: Instructions and FAQ
  • Death training courses information

What you will need:

  • Journal or paper and pencil
  • Art supplies: crayons, pastels, colored pencils

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