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We are all connected to the womb whether we have one, let go of one or do not have one. Each of us entered into this world through a womb. We are connected to our mother through our umbilicus connected through our third chakra – Manipura – our seat of fire and power, to the nourishing energy of the mother.

If we are distant from that mother archetype energy, have trauma to our womb space, have inflicted trauma in a womb space, or have ourselves neglected the sacred center that houses life – we have the opportunity to heal deeper and access healing lineages of trauma to the collective womb.

Our own Kundalini lineage has womb trauma. We are in the process of reclaiming our safety, our sovereignty, and our power as a collective. Acknowledging our own internal strength, taking back what we have given away, and walking forward with courage is a small step in healing for our community as a whole. We empower voices, we educate, we make it clear that violence against women, or anyone, will not be tolerated.

The Kundalini is the Divine Mother energy. It is a creative force that births life, births nations, that births consciousness. When we cultivate a practice with the womb, we can explore this facet of a relationship with the Kundalini energy. When we do that from a space of love and respect for the womb, we gain access to an innate medicine that resides in all of us.

In acknowledging the collective trauma to the womb and choosing to heal the microcosm of our own womb connection, we offer the greatest gift to the generations that will come after us. Our empowerment, our centeredness, and our respect for our divine creative space that is within lead us to reclaim our birthrights for happiness, for peace, for safety, for self-sovereignty.


Priti Darshan weaves the wisdom she has accessed from her own womb healing journey to bring an experiential Kundalini Yoga transformation.

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  • How we are all connected to the womb?
  • Healing the womb to heal the world
  • Embodied practices
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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
Alex Clarke
Posted 7 months ago

What a true gift this course is to yourself! And the community! Truly deep nourishment for the soul! Thank you 🙏

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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