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Have you ever thought about what the purpose of polarity is? Through Japji Sahib we can comprehend this purpose and navigate the ongoing dance of polarity always present in the world. 

It may seem like the world has never been as divided and polarized as it feels right now!  But the play of polarity is as eternal as life itself! 

If we don’t understand how to navigate the polarity, it not only creates massive divisions within  families, relationships, nations and organizations, it ends up deeply fragmenting our sense of  Self.  

We are all drawn to the practice of Yoga and Meditation, to unite our fragmented pieces into  one, coherent Whole. Then why do we keep getting caught in the grind of polarity? 

We may cognitively “accept” the idea of polarity, but when we are not rooted in the appreciation  of the play, we easily become available to be cast in the play!  

In this webinar, I invite you on a cosmic ride with Guru Nanak, as he guides our understanding  of the “purposeful” play of polarity, through the lens of Japji Sahib. 

Short answer? Because we don’t fully comprehend the purpose of this polarity.  

As Kundalini Yoga teachers and trainers, we all have encountered the Japji Sahib at some point,  possibly even been touched by the healing vibrational currents of this ecstatic poem, but for most  of us, the boundless treasures of Japji Sahib remain concealed in the translational limitations of  language, culture and religious influences. 

For the past five years, I have passionately worked on peeling away these veneers, to reveal the  pure innocent expression of Guru Nanak’s “Aha” moments in the light of his Self-Realization.

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  • Deeper understanding of Japji Sahib
  • Understand how to navigate the polarity through a spiritual lense


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Posted 7 months ago
Depth of Guru Nanak's words

Thank you, I appreciate the depth of Japji Sahib I was able to experience in the course.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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