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The science of Naad Yoga has such a profound effect on us, and yet we know very little about the technology behind the experience. In this workshop we will explore the resonance of sounds within the body, bringing awareness to the Naad (sound current), thus empowering our voice and mantra practice.

We will begin by studying what Kundalini Yoga says about Naad Yoga, including the way the meridian points on the upper palate are stimulated by the tongue and the vibration.

Next, we will complement the information with the wisdom of Mantra Yoga, delving into the different sounds, pronunciations, alphabets and how these resonate within our body, in particular the relationship to the chakras.


  • Throughout the workshop, you will have the opportunity to experiment with your own voice , especially with the chanting of individual sounds, and find their resonance in your body.
  • This course gives a very thorough guided experience of how Naad Yoga works and how you can practice it and teach to others.

Ardaas Singh began his career as a musician, university teacher and researcher. Even though he holds a Phd in Engineering, his life is now fully dedicated to the transmission of spiritual teachings. He is an international trainer of Kundalini Yoga Teachers and Karam Kriya Consultants.

Connect with Ardaas Singh: [email protected]

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