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Physical Training: A Fusion of Yoga & Calisthenics


A Fusion of Yoga & Calisthenics to Sweat, Stretch, and Meditate Every Day

Physical Training is a combination of intensive yet captivating workouts that extend beyond the realms of mere physical exertion and serve as steps toward resilience, strength, and well-being. Imagine embracing the vitality of calisthenics, the serenity of yoga, and the purposefulness of functional movements, all entwined in symbiotic fitness sets to sweat, stretch, dance, and meditate. It’s not just about building strength or endurance; it’s about cultivating a holistic state of being that resonates through your chakras, energizes your nervous system, and invigorates your very core. 

Within the pages of Physical Training lies an amazing collection of exercise sets that were originally taught by Yogi Bhajan during the summers of 1993 and 1994 at the Ladies’ Camp in Española, New Mexico.


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