Bringing Kundalini Yoga to Mozambique and Zambia

  • Kundalini Beyond Borders


Once upon a time in the early 2000’s, I felt an impulse to look for yoga and I didn’t even know what it was. I was led by a deep desire to move my body. Martial arts, dance or any physical discipline could have done the trick but somehow I insisted on trying yoga. At that time in my country, Mozambique, it was impossible to find yoga classes. Mine is an officially declared christian nation and this has shaped what is acceptable or not in Zambia, an arid dessert for yoga! My personal journey in yoga began with Hatha Yoga and then moved to Kundalini Yoga. At one time there was a thriving community of Kundalini Yogis in Mozambique – but mostly they were expats. I was often the only black face in a room of white yogis. There is a longing to practice yoga in Mozambique by the people of Mozambique.

Through this grant I will have the opportunity to:

To spread kundalini Yoga and make it as widespread as all other kinds of yoga in Mozambique.
To create an opportunity for Zambians who wish to do the Kundalini training but have no funds to study with the goal to create a Kundalini Yoga training in Zambia.
To bring Kundalini yoga to Zambia so that people can benefit in the immense way that I have benefited not only from the training, but the technology itself.
To help my yoga students access the healing I have had the blessing to access through this practice.
I long to create a thriving Kundalini Yoga Community that one day can sponsor a Summer Yoga Festival with students from Africa attending. Summer Solstice is too far away and too expensive.