WOMEN4WOMEN International

  • Level 3 Legacy Seva Project
  • Teaching or serving women
  • Teaching or serving in refugee camps


The idea of offering the tools of Kundalini Yoga to refugees has been in my mind for a longer time. In 2017 many refugees came to our area. After the first Level 3 year I started to think about a potential seva legacy project. Things came together when I got to kow some people from Syria and Ethiopia. So the idea formed to start a project for refugee women. I asked my collegue yogateacher and we asked a student of ours to join the team. (She is a dancetherapist.)

The target group has little opportunity to deal with the trauma of being a refugee in a strange country and culture. Yoga and meditation, chanting together as we do in Kundalini Yoga is a great tool to offer these (traumatised) women. End of 2017 there was the possibility to submit a projectplan to the region I live in (Overijssel):
- The Provincial Executive supports social initiatives that serve a collective interest, which are not aimed at personal interests and which are not for profit.
- Examples of social initiatives are new meeting places, the joint organization and maintenance of public space or the organization of local facilities or services.



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