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What does it mean to become a part of the lineage of the golden chain? Embrace your past, present and project into the future as a teacher that leaves a mark of the legacy of teachings.

As you begin to teach, your personal lineage becomes a part of that Golden Chain. The legacy you leave is in no small part influenced by your relationship with your own personal Truth. Avoiding the embrace of your lineage increases the Risk of Spiritual Ego, acting out the shadow, preventing it from moving into the light, blocking you from becoming whole in this human experience. 

Learn how to help the trainees find their ground in who they have been as foundation for, who they are now, as foundation for who they are becoming. 

Through a Kundalini Yoga Kriya which includes guided imagery and the understanding of modern psychology; we invite trainees to reflect on their own lineage of guides and teachers, to see them in a new way, bless them, release them and find gratitude in their role along their journey that has led to the Golden Chain. Enjoy this rich experience and learn a useful process to upgrade your relationship to your personal history as an integral foundation to the legacy you leave.

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  • What is the Golden Chain and how do we integrate it into our teaching
  • Embrace your personal lineage and history to be in your Truth
  • Meditations and visualizations to understand how to guide yourself and your students to embrace your role in the Golden Chain
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