Bringing Kundalini Yoga to Incarcerated Women In Thailand

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Akarat Sivaphongthongchai is a PhD candidate in Public Health Sciences (Thai Traditional & Alternative Medicines) at College of Public Health Science (CPHS) Chulalongkorn University. He teaches Kundalini Yoga to autistic and special needs children as well as female prisoners in Thailand. He is also a volunteer for the National KY Thailand Group and helps to organize Kundalini Yoga festivals in Thailand. He was awarded as an outstanding student (Chulalongkorn University) in 2018 and one of the 3Ho luminaries in 2020.

Akarat initiated his first Kundalini Yoga program for incarcerated women in the Chonburi province of (south) Thailand in 2016. It lasted 3 years, until the need for him to focus on his PHD for public health science put a stop to his momentum. During these three years he used his personal money to finance and sustain the program. It consisted in a weekly 2-hour class to help inmates endure their living conditions, heal and regain hope.

Studying in a university in Bangkok, he will reignite the program, this time specifically for female inmates in the northern region of Thailand, about to be released from incarceration, so as to give them tools to adapt successfully to the outside world again. He will travel to Chiang Mai to deliver an 8 week program as a weekly session over 2 months.