Overview of Program

Integrate authentic relationships into your life and your teaching. Explore and understand how we form, sustain and honor relationships. Our success as Kundalini Yoga teachers and as conscious human beings depends on our capacity to be authentic and respond from our hearts; our primary objective is to examine our relationships and improve our effectiveness, authenticity and awareness within them.

Key Topics

  • Explore what an authentic relationship is and what it’s not
  • Relate to your soul as the foundation for authentic relationships
  • Understand the special challenges that long-term relationships and marriage face in the Aquarian Age
  • Identify the common ways we make relationships fail
  • Develop self-love as a key to authentic relationships
  • Identify our core paradox and transform it from problem to opportunity
  • Create a conscious relationship with your own masculine and feminine energies
  • Develop Sacred Community

Use awareness, contemplation and meditation to revision your relationship to self and other. Forgive the past and heal the present. Release yourself from the wounds of love and begin to live authentically. Recognize the patterns that keep you from expressing your true Self and create a new template: give and receive love from abundance, consciousness and ease.

Course Affirmation

I have integrated authentic relationships into all areas of my life. My relationships are held in a manner that uplifts everyone and does not let anyone down. I have befriended my own soul. I recognize myself and I am in a creative, dynamic relationship with my Infinite Self, which is God. My ability to love myself is the foundation for authentic love with others. I understand the dynamic of polarities in relationships and I respond to them creatively and authentically. I act from my true self to project love and wisdom and conquer any fears and defenses that may taint my relationships. I cultivate my intuition, scope and caliber and apply them to every relationship. I have forgiven all hurts and injuries and act with integrity to friend and foe. I understand that my soul chose my family and I creatively interact, heal, forgive and relate to my lineage as human beings who like me want to be healthy, happy and holy. I act from consciousness, beyond polarity, to honor the masculine and feminine within me and around me. As a teacher I form all my relationships in the grace, honor and integrity of the Golden Chain to fulfill my destiny.

Course Information

General information of the course

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For this course, KRI has adopted the World Bank’s Method of rating country incomes to determine different prices for each country. On registration, please select the rate according to your country of residence.

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Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Macao, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, USA

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Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

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North Korea

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*Program Rates include: Tuition, eBooks + 25% discount to order a printed copy of the manual if ordered upon registration, as well as access to all video recordings for 2 years.


We are still confirming the rest of the team. Please come back to see updated information by April 20, 2022

Japbir Kaur (Jishan Harkiewicz)

Lead Trainer | China

Japbir Kaur is a KRI certified Lead Trainer for Level One, Level Two and 21 Stages of meditation.

She has practiced yoga for nearly 30 years. Since 2009 she has devoted herself mainly to Kundalini Yoga, though she was first certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance.

She came from Taiwan. Prior to relocating to China in 2001, she has lived with her husband and two children in different countries in Europe, America and Asia for over 30 years.

Since 2005, she has lived in Shanghai. Besides practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga, she loves to create art and healing through sound, especially using gongs. She established First Sound gong center in Shanghai where she offers gong sound healing and Kundalini Yoga courses.

In early 2020 when the pandemic first started in China, she created First Sound Life Academy an online platform to serve the community in greater China.

Sierra. Siri Prakash

Trainer | Bali

My journey with Kundalini Yoga & Meditation began in the 90’s in Los Angeles, California. It has been a valuable tool cultivating steadiness in my own sense of belonging where life and soul sits with purpose and values. With this deep sense of absolute Self, my heart space maintains a frequency of happiness that helps me to smile and discover joy everyday.

A diverse collection of experience, degrees and certificates create a richness in how I share, support and hold space. I have accomplished a Bachelors of Science in Special Education, Deaf Studies; Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition & Education; 200 hour Certificate Psycho-Structural Balancing; Reiki 1 & 2. If there was a diploma for parenting, I would be a proud PhD graduate from the school of raising teens.

I am grateful to have served on the following Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher training teams in the USA, Philippines, Bali & Southeast Asia. This past year I have enjoyed working with the KRI Global team for 21 Stages of Meditation, Level 2 Lifecycles & Lifestyles, and Level 2 Conscious Communication. My most recent joy is the production of the Southeast Asia & Australia Level 1 program, a collaboration and co-creation of 5 regional countries. The love of learning inspires me to learn more in this Aquarian age.

Through KRI’s scholarship fund, we are offering a number of application opportunities at 50% off the regular course price.

The intention is to help people around the world that need financial assistance to enroll in the program and continue their Teacher Training.

KRI is piloting a new scholarship program that allows recipients to take the course and “pay it forward” by giving back to their communities through a service project that incorporates the teachings and tools from course. 

Applicants will be asked to propose and briefly describe a project they will then develop within their community as a way of sharing the teachings.

Some examples of this are:

  • Teach 10 classes on a topic related to the course material
  • Lead a workshop in your workplace on the benefits of meditation
  • Write an article on the course topics to share with your community
  • Do an in-depth research paper to share with KRI’s community of trainers, teachers and students

These are some ideas, but the possibilities are endless and aligned with your own creative flow.

Application process:

  • Fill out the application here, by August 14, 2022.
  • Receive communication of scholarship grant, by August 17, 2022 and accept the application by registering in the course.
  • Develop your project in the following 90 days (if the project requires more time, specify the end date)
  • Complete written report to share with the Sangat how your project went

KRI is looking to share with the community your individual projects so you will be asked to document it and send it in.

Important facts:

  • Scholarship amount is 50%, you will be required to pay the remaining 50% before the course begins. Here are the calculations:
    • Band A: $447.50
    • Band B: $347.50
    • Band C: $247.50
    • Band D: $197.50
  • Scholarship recipients will be announced on August 17, 2022. Recipients will have 72 hours to accept their scholarship. If we don’t hear within 72 hours, the scholarship will be granted to the next person on the list.
  • Your service project should be documented so that we can share with KRI community.
  • Deadline to apply: August 14, 2022.

*If you require additional support due to extreme financial challenges, please contact us at [email protected]

In conjunction with your Level One KRI Certification, this 300-hour/2-year certification program qualifies you for the Yoga Alliance 500-hr E-RTY certificate. It consists of five different, independent and unique 62-hour modules. Once you complete all five modules you can request your Level Two certificate from KRI here.

If you do not yet have a Level 1 KRI certificate you can still take the course. You can apply one Level Two module before you complete the Level 1 course and still have it count towards your Level Two certificate. If you take more than one Level Two module before completing your Level 1 program, you will not receive a letter of completion, and hence they will not “count” towards your eventual Level Two certification.

To receive a completion letter of this course, you will need to complete the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 85% attendance to the live online course and small group work.
  • Complete make-up assignments to be discussed on an individual basis for the portions missed.
  • Attend a minimum of 3 small group meetings in the 90 day period following the online course.
  • Complete a 90 day meditation and send in a 1 page reflection.
  • Have a passing grade on the exam that will be available halfway through the home study period.

Contact us:

If you have any questions about this course, please contact us at [email protected].

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