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The Master’s Touch Complete DVD Set – 8 Volume Set


The Master?s Touch
Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan?

Volume One:The Golden Rules of a Teacher
Meditation: Giaan Sudhaa Simran Kriya
July 22, 1996
?There are two ways to live: One is you love God, the other is God loves you. A Teacher is loved by God. A man loves God. There is a difference. ? ?Yogi Bhajan

Using the story of his own life as a student, Yogi Bhajan introduces the concept of obedience as a key virtue of a Teacher. If you want to command, you must be able to obey. He discusses the role of Teacher as an institution and the responsibilities that come along with it, as well as the consequences of abusing or misusing the position. Includes a powerful meditation that awakens the rib cage and with it the soul.