Inspire and lead the next
generation of Teachers

Embark on a transformative path and share the profound teachings of Kundalini Yoga as a licensed Teacher Trainer.

KRI’s Aquarian Trainer Academy has a complete pathway to guide you through this enriching journey of becoming a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer.



As a Trainer, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Kundalini Yoga. It is a commitment to uplift others on their spiritual journey.

The purpose of the Aquarian Trainer Academy (ATA) is to guide a teacher to become a Teacher Trainer, with quality and consistency in training. This ensures that future Trainers will have the necessary competencies and caliber to deliver the teachings. Each step of this process carries a specific set of qualifications, teaching responsibility, skills, and attributes appropriate to each trainer’s role. 

In sharing these teachings and practices, you have a commitment to conduct yourself according to the highest ethical standards. The practices, discipline, science and research regarding Kundalini Yoga and the spiritual philosophy that underlies it are the focus of our organization. 

Become a Trainer in Level One Teacher Trainings:
Ignite the Flame

Dedicate to your personal growth and learn to hold space for new teachers in training – all going through their own deeply transformative personal journeys. Discover effective pedagogy tools and techniques to deliver the foundations of Kundalini Yoga in a positive and impactful way.

If you have completed all 5 KRI Level Two teacher training programs, and have experience teaching at least 500 hours of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, you may be ready to enter the Aquarian Trainer Academy (ATA)! If you already know someone who is currently a member of the ATA, they can help guide you. Or reach out to KRI’s ATA team here.

Learn More about Level One Pathway

Become a Trainer in Level Two Teacher Trainings:
Deepen Your Mastery

Dive into the intricacies of teaching as a Level Two Trainer. Learn to help others to cultivate self-assessment, clear subconscious blocks, and develop personal and spiritual maturity throughout the Level Two training program.  

All Level One Professional and Lead Trainers are eligible to start the Level Two Trainer Pathway. This qualification is done module by module with the support of, discussion with, and feedback from a Level Two Practicum Mentor.

Learn More about Level Two Pathway

21 Stages Pathway:
Elevate Your Expertise

Elevate your ability to hold deep meditation spaces as a 21 Stages of Meditation trainer. Expand your consciousness and guide others on profound inner journeys.

Qualified Level One Associates, Professional and Lead Trainers can apply to be 21 Stages of Meditation Trainers. 

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Watch the video below to understand how
the Aquarian Trainer Academy works:


Join our community of passionate individuals committed to spreading the light of Kundalini Yoga. Your journey as a Trainer awaits!

If you wish to talk to someone to help you, check out the ATA Regional Administrator index. You can also contact us anytime at [email protected]