KRI International Level 2 Lifecycles & Lifestyles 2023 Exam

Hello and welcome to the final exam of KRI International Level 2 Teacher Training Module: Lifecycles & Lifestyles.

We congratulate you on the journey that brought you here!

Before you start this online exam, please take your time to download the PDF file below. This way, you can read the questions with absolutely no rush and find out what’s the best answer, on your own or with your small group. Once you submit an answer on the online exam, you will not be able to change it and you will receive your grade immediately after submission. The online quiz has no time limit, so you can take your time to answer. To receive a completion letter, you must complete the exam, get a passing grade of 75%.

The exam will be available from xxx until xxx, 2024.

Instructions: The questions that follow are all multiple choice. Please read each question
carefully. Then choose your answers by clicking on the correct option.

Best of luck!

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