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We notice now more and more people are dysregulated. With the influx of information and global events; people need support to maintain calm and peace in the face of society’s over-stimulation.

Dharma Singh shares his years of helping people while running a spiritual funeral home in Germany; how to support people in crisis and then get them the help that they need. This work stems from years of helping people in crisis, so that yoga teachers have a few simple and impactful techniques to quickly bring folks to center.

Teachers and trainers will appreciate learning ways to actively support their communities and know what to do before emergency support arrives. This is not medical training or therapy, but a support process for teachers, of course, all teachers are supported to call 911 or their country equivalent first, then help your student to help themselves.


More Information:

Concepts covered in this course:

  • Learn simple ways to help your students before help arrives!
  • Now more than ever, we need to help people help themselves to self regulate.
  • Know what to do in a crisis.
  • Learn from a long time teacher with unique life experiences for helping people.


  • 1 hour of Pre Recorded material from live Zoom call, now available as self paced learning.

Why Take this Course?

  • Be ready for breakdowns, and know what to do when a crisis hits.

What does this Course Include?

  • This is a pre recorded process, and through listening to the lecture, you will learn ways to help your students if they are struggling during class. You will see how to spot the meltdown, and what to do to bring recovery.


Dharma Singh

Dharma Singh, Leadtrainer Level 1 and 2 , runs the Pranajio school in Germany together with his wife. 

His specialties include, through his long term work in his funeral home Horizonte in Freiburg, on Death and Dying and dealing with crisis.

In the last few years he trained students in his specialty training called Dharmatraining  on how to accompany people in crisis and on how to help them to get self regulated.

At the European Yogafestival he leads a team in supporting people to stay regulated who get overstrained by all the input of Festival and White Tantric.

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