Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Classes for 205 families living in a refugee camp of migrants in Chile

  • Feeding people (lungar programs)
  • Kundalini Beyond Borders
  • Teaching or serving in refugee camps


I am Abhaidev Kaur Khalsa of Chile. I just turned 60 years old, something very representative for me; I am happy and full of this existence. Mother of two children and grandmother of 4 grandchildren, within my multiple roles.Since Kundalini Yoga came into my life, my life has changed diametrically. I am with Karam Kriya

I have been working for several years on the issue of domestic violence, with female heads of household, through the Fundación Mujer de Luz. Today we are cooking for people in street conditions. This is how I formed the Amar Das Social Foundation 3 years ago, seeks reduce food insufficiency, to provide tools for personal growth, dignifying through our delivery the condition and feelings of people. We now have five programs in the Amar Das Foundation:

1. Food for a Brother: We take prepared food to people in street situations. We also deliver food to senior citizens who, due to the low level of their pension, require food assistance.
2. Celebrating with you: We celebrate important days in sectors of high vulnerability, Mother's Day, Children's Day, Christmas, etc.

3. Quality of Life: Through our program we provide psycho-emotional support, online meditation, yoga classes, sound therapy, etc

4. This program aims to accompany older adults in sectors of high vulnerability bringing company and distraction.

5. Serving those who serve: We are convinced that reciprocity is essential to build commitments, so we do workshops and activities for our volunteers.Within the Celebrando Contigo, Te acompañamos and Calidad de Vida program we work with camps.

I feel blessed to be able to live in service; the Foundation has been around for three years now, of which we spent the entire pandemic with people in need. To date we have moved more than 80 tons of food in order to provide dignity to those who are in a space of great vulnerability.

My focus besides working with people in a state of food and homeless vulnerability, is to generate opportunities where volunteers, , feel that they have a place that welcomes them, which is why our focus is to act and function as a community, without any obligation to belong to the Kundalini Yoga world.

Until almost 20 years ago I worked in sales, but I have always been linked to the development and growth of people. In 2006 I started working in the training world doing classes for companies. Later, I trained as a coach and at the same time I did the Instructorate. I believe in people and in their possibilities of personal growth and in the common good. My daily work is oriented towards them.