Serving Ukrainian Refugees with Kundalini Yoga

  • Kundalini Beyond Borders
  • Teaching or serving in refugee camps


I am currently living in Budapest, Hungary and I have lived in several European countries. I have worked in leadership positions in multinational companies for much of my professional life. When I connected with Kundalini Yoga it made a tremendous difference in my relationship with myself and with others, the teachings and the practice transformed my management style and life style.

I am a Level 2 Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher serving those in need mostly throughout Europe. For over 4 years I have supported people releasing what is in the way to follow their own truth and take a massive jump in their lives. I have been providing individual support for people in crisis and executives with addiction challenges. I teach online classes to international groups and one-on-one on ADHD, PTSD, nervous breakdown, depression, chronic fatigue, lung cancer and addictions.

When the war began in Ukraine I began to serve those living in Ukraine and refugees from the war in my country and elsewhere. The practice of Kundalini Yoga helps relax the nervous system and brings a bit of peace in the middle of the trauma.

My daily disciplined practice has sustained a deep commitment to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. Furthermore I have a strong commitment to be present for people in a vulnerable situation and to share the teachings in order to have a tool to face anxiety, fears, insecurities and get a clear goal and strategy to move on.