Open Kundalini Yoga classes for Ukrainians

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My name is Olesia, I am a refugee from Ukraine and as my Scholarship Project for the L2 Programm. I have chosen to lead 10 open lessons for my fellow Ukrainians online, based on the materials that I learnt through the course. I have been giving those free classes twice a week (Tuesday, Thursday) via ZOOM. Each lasted for 1,5 hour including breathwork, meditations or kriyas and talks, of course. There were refugees among my students, who now need to build their lives from scratch, some of them struggle understanding what to do next, not knowing where to start and with difficult relationships with the spouse, or refugees, whose relatives were still in Ukraine and they were too worried about them, not able to stop the vortex of negative thoughts, there were people, who are still in Ukraine, trying to find some inner guidance and to release anger. I was very grateful to have them all at my classes, and grateful to have this chance to assist them in achieving their goals. I got some kind and really inspiring feedback from them.

For example:

"When we were doing this exercise on the floor, I felt so much anger, and then came laughter, and then peace. And the last exercise was the greatest for me! Thank you for upgrading our souls, I became close to myself, thank you for this circle of support"

"When we were doing this male-female balance exercise I saw it like a beautiful cosmic dance of energies!"

"Thank you very much for today's class. I feel lighter in my body) And the breathing techniques aren't that easy to do"

"First of all, I want to thank you for the extremely interesting and effective classes. I want to share the results of the lesson, where we did exercises for female energy, after this lesson a number of issues with documents were resolved, which had not been resolved for a long time. Cleansing techniques work well for me. … Thank you very much!“

"A month of my classes with Olesya in the group passed very quickly... The time flew by because the classes were very interesting and intense. I managed to breathe (for many years I lived on nasal drops) to feel a little muscle strength and to get high from it, and on the day of the autumnal equinox to harmonize the material and spiritual. In my personal life, too, there have been events that took place thanks to the energy of the classes which I am happy about. Love will win over everything, even the war in the epicenter of which I am now.“