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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Certification Process

The Aquarian Trainer™ KRI Level One Immersion Teacher Training Program is open to everyone. The 220-hour certification program exceeds the Yoga Alliance requirements, and graduates earn the title of KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.

As a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, you will be trained to carry the legacy of Kundalini Yoga into the Aquarian Age. By teaching Kundalini Yoga, you link into the Golden Chain, and you uplift yourself at the same time you are uplifting your students and elevating the frequency of the planet!

Certification Requirements

This is a 6-month training beginning with a 6 month online experience and ending with a 10 day residential program. At the end of 6 months and upon completion of all certification requirements, you will be eligible for certification. You have 18 months from the start date of your program to complete all of the requirements. KRI will process and approve your certification as quickly as possible. Please note that KRI does not issue certificates before the 6 months is complete. The KRI Teacher Training team reserves the right to grant KRI Certification solely at their discretion and the evaluation of each participant’s readiness to be a Kundalini Yoga instructor. Evaluation is based on successfully meeting the KRI Teacher

Training program requirements including, but not limited to:


  • Attend 20 or more Kundalini Yoga classes taught by a KRI certified instructor in your area.
  • Or complete the 20 classes by participating in KRI certified videos and read and write a 300 word essay on the book Sadhana Guidelines by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa available at KRI’s online store, The Source, at Ask about our discount on the materials needed to fulfill this prerequisite.
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  • Mastery of the English Language is highly recommended.

Requirements During the Program:

  • Full Payment of Fees
  • Attend ALL 180 hours of classroom instruction or watch replay videos – 80% live attendance is required during the online portion and for those registered in the 100% Online track, 3 hours of live attendance is required during the Costa Rica Retreat livestream.
  • Participate in 5 Complete Morning Group Sadhanas
  • Receive satisfactory assessments for 2 practicums
  • Complete homework and in-class activities
  • Pass all written and/or oral exams on material covered in class

Post Program Requirements:

  • 40 hours of assigned homework
  • Create two sample yoga class curricula
  • Complete a 40 day yoga set / meditation with journal entries
  • Attend 20 Kundalini yoga classes after completion of the training
  • Attend one full day of White Tantric Yoga or alternative 1 day meditation activities.
  • 8 hours of seva
  • Properly represent and sign the Code of Ethics and Professional Standards for Kundalini Yoga Teachers
  • Participate in Bridge Line calls with your Check In group

After completion of Level One, we invite you to continue on your journey toward becoming a Teacher by completing Levels Two and Three.