Dear friends, Sat Naam,

We are pleased to share that the community leadership board called Siri Singh Sahib Corporation which oversees our Kundalini Yoga, KRI, 3HO organizations has recently expanded its pool of voters. 

This board has become instrumental in our community leadership and we encourage you to let your voice be heard in who should serve on this Board! Elections for this board take place every two-and-a-half years. In the past, people were only qualified to vote for members of this board if they were Sikh Dharma ministers. But now, you can participate as a voter if you have been practicing Kundalini yoga, and/or have been involved in Kundalini Yoga for at least 7 consecutive years.  Please participate!


Can you Vote? 

For the first time, anyone who has practiced this lifestyle for at least 7 years, can vote in this election. This is ground-breaking and represents more inclusivity.

If you are a Kundalini Yoga meditator or yogi, please vote!  As a new voter, you will need to have 3 people you know recommend you!

For New Voters: Finding 3 People to Write the Letters of Recommendation

You will need 3 letters of recommendation submitted  on your behalf if you are a new voter. The writers of the letters must be at least one of the following: a Sikh Dharma Minister (click here for a list of current ministers), an active Khalsa Council member, or a Lead or Professional Aquarian Teacher Academy teacher trainer (click here for a listing). 

*Please Note: Be sure to give enough time for those writing your letters of recommendation! We suggest at least three weeks lead time if possible. AND you may need to follow up to make sure they submit on your behalf.

Give this info to your recommenders

Attached, please find the info below that you will need to give your recommenders! This makes their job extremely easy and only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. They should add their own info about you as well, this is just the basics.

Be sure to give them enough advanced notice to do this. And be sure to pick someone who knows you.

  1. Your contact information (physical address, email, and phone)
  2. How long have you known me and how did you meet me?
  3. How long have you been a member of the 3HO / Kundalini Yoga community?
  4. How have you personally participated in this community? What events have you attended?
  5. Do you practice Simran/Meditation/Seva in this community? Please describe.
  6. What do you feel your contribution has been to this community? Please describe. 
  7. Why is it important to you to be included in the electorate?


If you are a teacher trainer, minister or Khalsa Council member and are up to date, you can vote automatically.

PS: Here is the link for more information:

The site is easy to use and well organized, though all the dates are being pushed back 75 days from what is on the graphic.