Asia|Sud East Asia – Oceania
(in English with Chinese translation)

Tuesday October 24th

5:30-7:30 Sri Lanka | 7:00-9:00 Cambodia
8:00-10:00 Shanghai, Singapore and Taiwan | 11:00-13:00 Sydney

亚洲/南东亚-大洋洲(英语,有中文翻译: 10 月 24 日星期二 5:30-7:30 斯里兰卡;7:00-9:00 柬埔寨;8:00-10:00 上海、新加坡和台湾;11:00-13:00 悉尼。

Welcome to this Asia, Sud East Asia & Oceania Trainers’ Meeting and thank you for attending. This meeting will be conducted in English with translation into chinese. We thank translators that make this possible! This is an opportunity to discuss regionally relevant topics and to keep us connected among peers locally. It will be a focused meeting of two hours, which will also nurture dialogues and conversations that can lead to future ATA decisions. Your voice is important.

Blessings and see you soon

欢迎参加本次亚洲、东南亚和大洋洲的培训师会议,感谢您的参与。本次会议将以英语进行,并提供中文翻译。我们对翻译人员表示感谢!这是一次讨论地区相关主题的机会,也是我们与当地同伴保持联系的机会。这将是一次两个小时的专题会议,它还将促进对话和交谈,从而为 ATA 未来的决策提供依据。您的声音很重要。


Ravi Prem Kaur | Janpal Kaur | Amrit Singh

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This meeting will be recorded and shared with active trainers interested in seeing it. 这次会议将被录制下来,并与有兴趣观看的在职培训师分享。