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Welcome to the Authentic Relationship Student Portal

Welcome to the Learning Platform for Level 2 – Authentic Relationship 2022

In this space you will be able to find all the practical course information, from schedule, small group to certification requirements in order to navigate the course from beginning to end.

The videos from the live sessions will also be published during the week following each session, in the section underneath labeled as lessons. 

Please enjoy this space, make it yours and connect with others. 

We wish you a wonderful transformational journey!


Level 2: Authentic Relationship 2022

Training Team

For any questions, contact Inderjot Kaur at 

Course Resources

We will be doing Aquarian Sadhana every weekend on both Saturday and Sunday from 5:00 am – 7:30 am Mountain Time (New Mexico). 

*Due to daylight savings time, the hour in your city might change throughout the course. Click here to check the time in your city for each weekend. 


Please refer to the sadhana schedule posted below to see which Kriya will be taught each day and which group will be leading that sadhana.

You can download Japji and Aquarian Sadhana Mantras from the links below: 

  1. Japji
  2. Aquarian Sadhana Mantras
See Sadhana Schedule HERE

Yogi Bhajan Videos Level 2 Authentic Relationship

Course DayClass DateLecture NameKriya NameLink to Video
Day 1 March 16, 1982Relationship and the Art of RelayA Pure Flame of Light View Video 1
Day 2April 5, 1994Love is the Absolute power of Self-TotalityReverse Adi Shakti Kriya View Video 2
Day 3January 4, 1994Principles for Living: the Law of Polarity and
Facing the Challenge of tomorrow View Video 3
Day 4July 7, 1987Love: Active, Reactive, and UltimateTo heal the Wounds of Love View Video 4
Day 5July 24, 1986The Life of a Teacher: Flexibility, Humility, and CompassionAwaken the Dormant Power within View Video 6
Optional. Watch On Your Own TimeJuly 4, 1996Let your Identity come from your DivinityNo Kriya in Manual View Video 5

Please note that the videos and transcripts in the course have been edited, whereas the videos found in the Library of Teachings have not. You will therefore notice some differences between the links above and the printed transcripts.

To be complete your requirements for this course you will need to complete the following:
  • Attended 85% of online classroom hours AND completion of make up work assigned
  • Participate in 85% of small group meetings during the online course portion
  • Have a passing grade of 75% or higher on the exam
  • Attendance to a minimum of 3 home study small group calls after the online portion of the course
  • Complete a 90-day assigned meditation and send in a reflection of your experience

Additional Materials will be added to this section throughout the course. 

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Please read carefully all the steps below:

Step 1: Download the Authentic Relationships Exam

Step 2: Download the Authentic Relationships Blank Answer Sheet

Step 3: Fill out your answers in the Blank Answer Sheet according to the Exam

Step 4: Save your Answer Sheet and send it to 

Please be aware that we will only accept this exam when:

a) sent to us on the email above

b) completed fully

c) in the answer sheet we have provided

If you’d like to convert the Blank Answer Sheet from PDF to WORD format to make it easier to fill out, please search sites to convert PDF to WORD (click here to see one example)


Ratings and Reviews

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
Harchand Kaur
Posted 5 months ago
Excellent trainers and wonderful experience

The trainers and experience with the other students was wonderful. I look forward to the updated course with less reliance on the Yogi Bhajan videos because I found them discordant with the course materials and rest of the learning experience.

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Kandy Hughes
Posted 8 months ago
Excellent trainers, teachings, learning, and format!

I looked forward to the teaching every day of the class. There was so much information that helped me understand my past relationships and get excited about creating and recognizing authentic relationships in the future. The trainers were so knowledgeable, compassionate, and clear. I would take any course from them again. Excellent!!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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