WOMEN4WOMEN International

The idea of offering the tools of Kundalini Yoga to refugees has been in my mind for a longer time. In 2017 many refugees came to our area. After the first Level 3 year I started to think about a potential seva legacy project. Things came together when I got to kow some people from Syria and Ethiopia. So the idea formed to start a project for refugee women. I

State / ProvinceBC

The Heart of Being - A Kundalini Yoga Home Practice System to be Stable in Unstable Times

"My students crave change and TRANSFORMATION. I want to make it easy for them to reach their goals." The project demonstrated Gurleen's dedication and commitment to sharing KY to the global community by offering the teachings through an online platform. Her joy in uplifting students can be felt in how well she planned and laid out the presentation and supporting material.

State / ProvinceAB

Using Kundalini Yoga To Benefit Society and To Create Teachers: Adventures at The P.A.D. Homeless Teen Shelter in Venice Beach, CA

Using Kundalini Yoga To Benefit Society and To Create Teachers: Adventures at The P.A.D. Homeless Teen Shelter in Venice Beach, CA. The Plan: Recruit Newly Certified Kundalini Teachers to Volunteer Teach at Youth Shelter. When Kundalini Volunteer Teachers Offer Services to At-Risk Populations, Change Results.

CityLos Angeles
State / ProvinceCalifornia
CountryUnited States

Yoga in Action - YIA

The basic concept behind this long term lasting project is to bring yoga values in everyday life, creating waves of positive vibes around and putting into practice what we have learnt on the yoga mat. My perspective is that, after years of teachings - given and received - it is very hard to keep separate life from yoga. They melt, interchange, mix and match. The result of this process is

State / ProvinceToscana

Making 2019 Kundalini Yoga & Sikh Dharma a welcoming home for LGBTQ+ people

Sat Nam, my name is DukhNiwaran Kaur Khalsa and this is my Level 3 Seva Project Presentation. For the past few years, during and beyond my level 3 experience, I have been working on LGBTQ+ inclusion in our communities. Here is my story.

State / ProvinceIllinois
CountryUnited States

Outdoor Workshop - Nature and Breath Walks

For my seva project I gave community classes for free to a gentlemen named Red. He has been coming to my class without a means to pay. Sometimes he offers to help me bring my loads of laundry back and forth from my car to my massage business where we practice. He is at every class, always on time and one of the most interesting people I have ever met.

CityRichmond, VA
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CountryUnited States

KRI Level Two: Mind and Meditation Class Series (via zoom)

KRI Level Two: Mind and Meditation Class Series (via zoom) I can commit teach 10 classes on a topic related to the course material. I can write my experiences on each class with photos.

State / ProvinceLaguna

YouTube interviews

I have an idea of doing YouTube interviews with teachers and practitioners of kundalini yoga about their experiences with various kriyas and meditations. I am also hoping to develop it into a podcast. Our first interview was actually recorded 2 days ago and will be posted soon on Zita Harkaran YouTube page.

State / ProvinceNew York
CountryUnited States

Shared Teachings

I would like to propose that I will share the teachings from this module in my community with 4-6 classes to be completed by three months after the conclusion of the course.

State / ProvincePampanga

Classes for Children to deal with Anger

A series of 10 classes to children from a children's home, up to 14 years old, boys and girls from socially disadvantaged background. Teaching a better way to deal with anger, using the knowledge gained from the Mind and Meditation Level 2 training course.

State / ProvinceLa Libertad

Series of 10 classes with Meditation

My project focused on coming into a better state of meditation by first engaging in a mental exercise of understanding the negative, positive and neutral minds followed by a kriya. These were customized for beginners.

State / ProvinceMetro Manila

Meditation "Mind: Creating the Reality"

This course is designed to give the deep understanding of how strong is the connection between the mind and the reality we are living in. Once we realize it we can construct the life we always wanted and change it for better. The course consists of 7 clases with essential practices of KY which help to clean the subconscious, understand yourself better as well as find the strength within to

State / ProvinceJalisco