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The path forward can often become unclear and it’s easy to feel lost. By centering and activating the navel point, recognize your inner strength and build clarity to walk your path confidently. In this three week series through yoga sets, meditation and self-massage you’ll learn how to adjust and activate the navel center to harness your own personal power and self-determination. Not only learn to listen to your gut but find certainty to act from it. 

Enlightenment starts at the navel. The alignment of the navel chakra is key to opening the heart and awakening kundalini energy. Many of us are living with our navel pulses off-center weakening our vitality, hindering our agency and contributing to overall confusion. In this three week series through yoga sets, meditation, self-massage and new habits you’ll not only learn how to realign and activate the navel center but maintain it to find sustained energy, self-determination and clarity. Expect a lecture and practice each session, an all-levels two week home-practice and a stronger sense of Self. All students welcome regardless of previous experience. The Spark of Enlightenment through the Solar Plexus

General concepts this course will cover:

  • Understand the energetic and physical anatomy of the navel point
  • Learn and experience the navel point’s role in Self-actualization
  • How to access and strengthen your connection with Self
  • You be you, practices to align and embody your purpose

Much of yoga’s chakra system can seem esoteric and beyond practical comprehension. However the navel pulse is physically observable and often out of alignment. It is said in the ancient Shastras: all yoga begins at the navel point. Below the the belly button, the navel point is the top of the lower triangle. To raise the Kundalini Energy to the higher Chakras, the navel center or Manipura Chakra must first be aligned and stimulated. When the channel between the navel and heart is open, we can go beyond surviving and learn to thrive.

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Centered and ready to meet the world: deliver the new you in every circumstance with clarity & self confidence. A library of practices to renew and strengthen yourself time & time again.

If you register by Sept. 28th as a special bonus you’ll have the added support of two live group conversations with Pavanjeet.

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