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The methodological progression of the self is a process of mastering your Neutral Intuitive Applied Mind.

Neutrality is the essence of intuition and gives us a domain in which you can be you; complete and competent.

By reconnecting to the meditative one pointedness in you despite any circumstances, you can be and dwell in your “Thoughtless Mind” which is the pure identity and can move the universal mind to work for you as a gift.


More Information

  • Learn how to use the teaching of Kundalini Yoga to build capacity.
  • How a Neutral Mind can help you in the ebb and flow of life.
  • How to Locate the meditative point in yourself.
  • Discover the power of silence after meditation. 

Sadhana Singh

Sadhana Singh has worked for 30 years in Europe, USA, South America sharing his life learning and teaching experience. His central ideas are how to put into practice the teachings of yoga and bring them to real embodied life experience.

Sadhana Singh is offering online master classes and courses that provide practical tools to face and deeply understand the times and challenges. Personal Counseling with him is available individually or for couples.

Sadhana Singh is author of many books and online training packages that make meditation and yoga accessible to everyone. His latest book “Mastery” is being published with KRI in April 2021.

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