Kundalini classes at La Casa de Restauracion, a shelter for women and kids in need

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Hi Sat Nam , first I want to thank everybody who has opened for me the opportunity to receive this scholarship for level 2 authentic relationships. It was a beautiful experience all together.

I planned the seva to return to others what I was given in a women and kids shelter here in Costa Rica. I was so excited to introduce everybody to the tools of kundalini yoga, I was planning on holding space after the kundalini classes to listen and bring up new perspectives for these women with their kids.

By the time I reconnected with them to organize the seva I was told that they are not at all interested in the yoga and that anyways no women are being supported here anymore only a few kids!

I felt very bummed but realized pretty soon that the relationship this shelter was having was not really authentic and maybe not even the right place to actually offer help. Some organizations look like they are supporting women/kids in need but the reality is sadly a lot of times the opposite. Nobody from outside really knows the truth. For the moment nothing I can do about. So, I needed to shift my gameplan.

Since I just moved to another part of town where there is less tourism going on I decided to ask the girls from the tea store if they would be open to create community through kundalini yoga classes.

They loved the idea and I started to hold a class for free once a week. I went for 5 classes all together. The first 2 I just tried to feel out the space and the interest since the tea store wasn’t a yoga shala or anything like it but every time more less a handful of people showed up.
After the second class I realized there were always a view of the same people so I started to teach about the 5 sutras for the aquarian age. I finished the 5 classes and three of the sutras and will continue from here on. It looks like I really was able to give back to the community through creating this space on Monday mornings for mothers and all kinds of different people to drop in and open up to commit to this space and the practice in order to feel ready for the week.

My intention is to get like minded people together to elevate together and to share this magical kundalini science even with those they are critical about it or not sure if that’s what they looking for. At the end it doesn’t madder where they are looking for it madders to get together in a beautiful space and to create connections in between each other.

I live here in the same area since I was 20 years but now finally I start to feel community its so beautiful to bring people together which are actually living here. I need to mention its a vacation beach town where I am at in Costa Rica, so a lot of people are coming through and people who actually live here are more secluded and in their family bubble. But through this I feel things are opening and coming together to create a beautiful base as community to reflect out what we want to pull in as community. Sat Nam


Puntarenas , Playa Hermosa


Costa Rica