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Dear ones, Sat Nam!

My spiritual name is Jagdeesh Kaur and I am one of the 3ho luminaries.
I always had a huge dream to open my holistic yoga studio, organize retreats, cook delicious vegan food for others, to serve and uplift and be the change I want to see in the world!!

I teach Kundalini yoga, Shakti dance by Sara Avtar; I am a vegan passionate cook and holistic therapeut (acupuncture, soundtherapy, reiki, aromatherapy, crystalotherapy).

I came back after 15 years to my little hometown (which was selected 3 times to be the most beautiful little city in Croatia!) where I want to build a small ashram for all the yoga aspirants and people who want to take a break from their busy lives and find new inspirations in a beautiful peaceful surroundings.

I have bought beautiful, but very old house 1 year ago and started rebuilding and renovating as much as I can, but I need Your support for making a geodesic dome in the yard for yoga, Shakti dance, sound baths, cacao ceremonies and other practices,. I also need to make 2 rooms in the yard to be able to receive guests.

I would really like to be able to offer something healing&beautiful for my community and all the people who will feel the need to come to my temple. There is no ashram in my country and I would so warmheartedly like to establish one with Your help!! <3
That would also be a place of festivals because we dont have any yoga dance festivals in our country!

Also, I would like to share with You that I've started translating Jap ji on croatian language and would also like to publish both Jap ji and my book about Kundalini yoga (it would be the 1st ever in this part of Europe and on our language) , so I'm really trying from my heart to spread this divine teachings!

Your help in any way is very much appreciated! Your support can in turn be of support to all those who visit and look to the ashram for spiritual direction, sustenance and inspiration.
All donations, big or small, would be sincerely appreciated.

Thank You from my heart&many blessings! <3