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When you are genuinely concerned that Kundalini Yoga is not a type of training but rather a spiritual practice, you may become a little confused when a Kundalini Yoga book titled “Physical Training” appears. Is Kundalini Yoga now being reduced to a physical activity, one wonders?

However, this slightly atypical Kundalini Yoga manual does not intend that at all; one quickly understands that when flipping through its pages. Although the focus is on physical training, the spiritual aspect is fully preserved, and the book illustrates that the physical and the spiritual are closely connected. After all, we are spiritual beings who have come to this world for a physical experience!

The exercise series presented in this book are rather unconventional workouts, which have quite different effects than a “normal” training session. Physical, mental, and spiritual practices are combined in unexpected and surprising ways, and even though the series were originally taught with a kind of military discipline and precision, they are simultaneously playful, with startling combinations of many different elements. We indeed get the chance to embrace every polarity and to experience that the coexistence of discipline, challenge, lightness, and playfulness is fully possible.

The series at first appear as random combinations of strength training, cardio, martial arts, dance, yoga, meditation – and singing! However, when performing them, it quickly becomes obvious that the elements are intelligently arranged, and they affect us on much deeper levels than just the physical. If you can’t decide which kind of exercise or practice suits you best, you might want to give these physical training series a try. Here, you get EVERYTHING!

Physical Training” is a collection of unique practices that further enriches the already diverse Kundalini Yoga tradition! Thank you for bringing them into the light!

Merete Brandt (Shabadtek Kaur)


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