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Sat Nam and Welcome to the 2024 Mexico Hybrid

Teacher Training Learning Platform


Sat Nam and Welcome to the 2024 Mexico Hybrid Teacher Training Learning Platform! ♥

In this space you will be able to find all the practical course information you need throughout the training.

The first 3 buttons give you quick access to:

    • Zoom link to join all of the live sessions with just one click
    • Course schedule (will be updated periodically)
    • Practicum schedule (will be available shortly after we begin the course)

In the section below, you will find all the course documents ready to download. Please browse each section so that you become familiar with each of them.

We wish you a wonderful transformational journey in becoming a Kundalini Yoga Teacher!

Mexico Hybrid Team


→ For any questions, contact Inderjot Kaur or Mariela at [email protected]

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Small Groups & Practicums
Practicums Schedule


Complete Certification Packet List for Student-Teachers Level 1:

To receive your certificate you must complete all of the following requirements and submit the complete certification packet to [email protected] for final review.

Certification packets will be accepted between August 25, 2024 to August 31, 2025.

Other requirements for certification:

  • Receiving a passing grade on the exam. Will be done in person or online groups.

 Sat Siri´s Portal – Kundalini Yoga Classes



If all of the student’s certification requirements are complete and approved the student can expect to receive their certificate between 1-2 months after submission.

Without denying the power, uniqueness, and potency of White Tantric Yoga, the  requirement to participate in a day of White Tantric Yoga in order to qualify as a Level 1 certified Instructor can be substituted by participating in a day of intensive, group, Kundalini Yoga meditation.

KRI still strongly recommends that all students participate in a day of White Tantric Yoga, if possible. The day of intensive group meditation will be fulfilled by a group Kundalini Meditation course or workshop that meets the following criteria:

  • Contains at least 6 hours of meditation practice within a 24 hour period (study, lecture, discussions, etc. do not count towards the ‘meditation’ time).
  • Are within the tradition and teachings of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, and
  • Is led by a KRI licensed teacher trainer (with exceptions being permitted with the lead trainer’s approval). The lead trainer must sign-off on the particular manner in which the student wants to fulfill this requirement. The student can always appeal to KRI if they disagree with their lead trainer’s decision. Examples of the kinds of courses that would fulfill this requirement include, but are not limited to:
    • White Tantric Yoga
    • A day of 21 Stages of Meditation
    • Five Rebirthing kriyas (for this particular choice, please do NOT take all in one day, but spread out over at least 5 days)
    • A Japa course such as Re Man or Kundalini Surjhee
    • Sat Nam Rasayan intensive course with qualified
    • Other Kundalini Yoga meditation experiences that have at least 6 hours of meditation in one day.

Please save your receipt or any other proof of participation in the program and submit with your full certification packet.

If there are no in-person classes in your area you can complete this requirement by doing online classes; 10 of which need to be live online classes and up to 10 pre-recorded, although we strongly suggest you take as many live classes, either in person or online.

Sat Siri offers 1 free month of live online classes through her platform. 

To subscribe to classes with Sat Siri click here.

During this course you will be teaching two practicum classes to your peers. To prepare you for this we have compiled a list of documents that can help you in teaching your first Kundalini Yoga class. 

Curriculum Development for Student-Teachers

As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher you will constantly need to create lesson plans, as well as course and workshop curricula.

One of your Certification Requirements is to submit the following two course curricula:

  1. A 6 week course of classes
  2. A one day 8 hour workshop

For each curricula please include the following:

  • Name of the course
  • Course objectives
  • Lesson plan that includes
    • Introduction notes – what you will cover
    • Name of Kundalini Yoga sets and the Name of the source manual and page numbers
    • Notes of what will be included in all presentations or lectures
    • Timing of the day for the 8 hour workshop
    • Timing of each class for six week course 
  • Copies of any Handouts
  • Copy of Evaluation form you will use

Please be thoughtful and thorough in your presentation of the curricula. You will be able to use each curriculum many times if it is well thought out and professional.

Submit your curricula as soon as possible for feedback, we are happy to work with you at any point in the process. After receiving feedback from us, you can incorporate it into the final draft to be submitted with your certification packet. 

Other notes to be mindful of:

  • Put in KRI approved Source Manual and page for all Kriyas and Meditations.
  • Explain how you determined how long an exercise or section would take. Show specific times below for an explanation of posture (some will take only 30 seconds and Sat Kriya may take 1 or 2 minutes), how long for the practice of each posture – time how long that many of repetitions at the pace you would like it done) and how long for posture ending- adding ending when appropriate).
  • Include rest time between postures unless it says to proceed immediately to the next posture.
  • Explain mudras if they are part of practice.. I.e do not just write Venus Mudra – explain how the Mudra is done- showing competency in cuing the mudra or any other posture, breath or movement sequence.
  • Explain mantras by talking about their meaning, benefit, how it should be chanted etc.

Refer to the samples below for more information and feel free to reach out to any trainer on the team for support and feedback.

6 Week Kundalini Yoga Class Curriculum Sample 2

8 Hour Workshop Curriculum Sample 2

Dev Suroop

Siri Kaur

Course Content

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