Presenter Info – Dharma Singh Arne Raap-Mehl

Dharma Singh Arne Raap-Mehl, Level 1 & 2 Lead Trainer and KRI Board member from Germany, runs the Pranajio School with his wife.

One of his specialties, developed through years of running Horizon funeral home, is how to help a person in crisis quickly and compassionately. The method he’s developed for this intervention is called Dharma training and it’s key for Trainers to know in these pressured times. How can we safely and quickly bring a student to self regulation when they have gotten bad news, are recovering from shock or are severely overwhelmed? Crisis can happen at any moment, even in Teacher training or yoga class, and when it does, it’s important to know how to respond in a way that protects the whole class…. especially the person in anxiety! This method has been time tested for years at the European Yoga Festival. In this one hour webinar, Dharma Singh will teach this simple, safe and effective method. In this day and age, with the excessive demands on the nervous system, Trainers need the right skills & knowledge to truly help students in crisis.

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