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Level Two Conscious Communication will give you the experiences to set your direction for a lifetime of practice and exploration of effective communication guided by the insights and techniques shared with us by Yogi Bhajan. We invite you to be uplifted by these elegant techniques. 

You will learn to speak, meditatively and intuitively, not just talk. You will learn to gather your energy and awareness to support what you intend to communicate. You will learn to listen not just hear. You will stop the endless debate about what you like and don’t like and instead, using the power of creative dialogue, you will discover the possibilities and the unique reality in each situation. You will explore how comfortable you are with your vastness and realize prayer as the intimate presence of the infinite within you. 

As you deepen the awareness of how every relationship is built and nurtured by communication, you may choose to limit gossip and self-deception so that what you say will become gospel. You will recognize and understand your hidden agendas and how your persona and shadow color your communication. And you will explore the impact of consciously communicating at the subtle frequencies of your chakras. If you choose to commit your whole heart to experience this course of study, you will transform your understanding and capacity to use communication. 

You will learn to effectively create a common notion and reality with others, even those you disagree with or who oppose you. The purpose of communication is to discharge your whole self, directly and completely. The manner of conscious communication is to do it with awareness, kindness and fearlessness. Any communication without this purpose and manner is not conscious communication. Anything less than conscious communication leads ultimately to pain, unhappiness and harm. It will be ineffective. It does not align the mind with the soul and hence cannot align us with the reality of anyone else. 

Yogi Bhajan defined communication clearly:

“What do we mean by communication? The definition of communication is a practice that creates a “common notion” with another person or object of attention. Man is a social animal. God cannot live alone. God cannot create another God. Therefore God created creation. So man created communication. That is the only thing common between us and God. God is within us, we are God, and we communicate. But at what level do we communicate? Did you ever learn that your existence is your communication? Your projection is your relationship? You are the power? But life is often sour. There is no happiness because your communication has no purpose of self. You communicate to impress someone. You don’t communicate to relate you to someone. That’s why you suffer now. You don’t communicate consciously.”


Perceiving the Whole Picture

Some of the reasons for the unhappiness Yogi Bhajan identifies in the quotation opposite are captured in the tale of the elephant and the blind men. When several blind men explored an elephant with their touch, they all had different stories and opinions about what the elephant was like. None had ever seen an elephant. One said it must be some form of stone polished by water—for the tusk he felt was smooth and solid. Another said it was like a tree—for the leg he felt was large and round like a trunk and covered with a bark-like variegated surface. A third said it was alive and like a snake—since the nose he felt was long, and moved and wiggled. And the last man said it was a hairy creature with a long-haired coat—as he stroked the tip of the tail. They all had different perceptions, reactions, conclusions even though they faced a common reality, they could reach no agreement and proceeded to argue and defend their positions, each sure of what they knew. 

We each communicate from the narrow perspective of our own experience and ego. This is our normal condition when we try to communicate. We sense only part of the reality before us and automatically imagine the whole picture from our own perspective. We do not know the art of asking effective questions, speaking meditatively, listening deeply and using intuition. If we did we might communicate with others and reach a much better conclusion. In addition, the mind is very, very busy. It is full of chatter and imagination. Each blind man struggles with the noise of their mind. 

Without mastering inner silence and the ability to recognize the instincts and patterns of our mind, we only communicate to our own imaginations and ego. Yogi Bhajan leads us to form a discipline of conscious communication. We learn to recognize that we automatically and instinctively communicate on many levels at once. We learn to align our verbal, nonverbal and subtle messages into an effective, creative communication. When we do this, we won’t be blindly feeling the elephant any longer but will be seeing clearly.


Becoming One with What We Say

The other source for much of our unhappiness and problems is that we are not trained to look inside ourselves. Instead, we look outside for the source of all our troubles. It is much easier to look outside, to project, to blame and to struggle with circumstance, than to become aware and take command of our communication. Intuitive communication, both with ourselves and with others, solves our problems, brings us opportunity and expresses our spirit. 

As a discipline, we need to qualify ourselves to speak each word creatively as if it really matters. Each word has its own psyche; its own magnetic/auric field that determines its power, effects and ability to be heard. The discipline of conscious communication qualifies us to speak each word one-pointedly, faithfully, courageously, directly and simply. When you become one with what you say, the other person senses what you mean and that what you say will be honored by you and by the Infinite. You become perpetually creative, content and prosperous. 

In the Aquarian Age, people are becoming more sensitive. They are also more pressured. They cannot stand a communication that is full of inner conflict, duality and split personalities. They need and want to trust your communication and your ability to identify and deliver your intention. You must have the mastery and discipline to find your Self; formulate your word; align your projection; and communicate straight, simple, truthful and with a smile. Yogi Bhajan was a master of conscious communication. It was one of his most frequent class topics. He applied it to each area of his life from teaching, to business, to spiritual forums, to advising leaders of every persuasion and to his personal relationships. It was even the topic of his doctoral dissertation.


Conscious Communication and a Mature Teacher

The ability to apply conscious communication is a vital part of being a good teacher, a mature trainer and an excellent human being. As you study each topic and engage the many exercises, we hope you will bring to them curiosity, openness, whole-heartedness and an attitude of delight and enjoyment. All five of the modules of the Aquarian Teacher: Transformation have core themes that connect to all the other modules. They form a strong, interwoven matrix of skills that is a catalyst for change and maturation. 

If you are like the many students before you, you will realize these skills to be like best friends who show up automatically when you most need them and who bring you many gifts without even asking. In this course, many students discover new things about each other as they share their thoughts and feelings. It is a great course to form a study group to compare notes and go deeper into the personal application of conscious communication.

Join us this April for a 3-weekend long course on Conscious Communication. This course is 100% online, on April 13 & 14, April 20 & 21, April 27 & 28, 2024. See what past student Cheryl shared about her experience with this course:

“I felt reconnected to a community of people who love the same practice I do. I also gained insight as to how I can improve myself, and real tools that I can apply in my life. I also feel like the meditations and kriyas for the course are healing, and I am excited to see how my inner world shifts as I continue to practice the materials. It was truly wonderful and transformative. The experience has renewed my passion for kundalini and my interest in the KRI community.

Cheryl Joan Askegreen, Level Two Conscious Communication 2021 graduate

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