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1000 days to develop
as an authentic
Aquarian Teacher

Yearly Global
gatherings with peers
in Level Three Melas

Create a Seva Legacy
project and help uplift
your community


Level Three is an opportunity to reflect deeply on what it means to be a Teacher.
One of the keys of this program is Self-Initiation: We recognize that only the self can qualify the self.
As a Teacher, you dedicate yourself to life-long learning, continual self-reflection and devotion to service.

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Watch this video from Amrit Singh, former CEO of KRI,
about the Spirit of Level Three:


Level Three is a unique experience to:

Ignite your passion as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Dive deeply into the three qualities of an Aquarian Teacher: Spiritual Maturity, Meditative Mind and Seva

Share and connect with your fellow seekers on this path

Help others on their own journey with Kundalini Yoga

Contribute to the legacy of Kundalini Yoga for future generations

Move from individual consciousness, to group consciousness, to universal consciousness

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What can I expect in Level Three?

The foundational elements of Level Three take place over at least 1,000 days. 

During this time, you will:

• Commit to developing a deeply meditative practice through personal and group meditation

• Meet regularly with a peer group to give and receive support

• Create a Seva Legacy project comprised of your life’s passion and service

• Attend at least 3 Melas (gatherings for Level Three participants) to share and grow with a global community 

One of the guiding principles of Level Three is that, unlike Level One and Level Two, there will be no Trainers, instead one Level Three generation will welcome the next.

Level Three journey is highly experiential, uniquely personal, self-initiated and self-directed. It is not a program directed by an individual Lead Trainer; instead, it is a diagonal, peer-supported process, where one’s Peer Group acts as a “mirror” and a “mentor”.