6 Month Program:
Feb 10, 2024 – Aug 25, 2024

Retreat in Puerto Morelos:
Jun 30 – Jul 9, 2024 (In-Person & Online)

250 Hours of Teacher
Training Certificate



“I got way more than I thought I would out of this training. It’s not just training you to be a kundalini yoga teacher. It is transformative. This teacher training shows you what you’re made of… while supported by your peers and staff. That’s priceless.”

– Sharon Shaw, Level One Mexico Hybrid 2023 Graduate

“KRI will always remain the most serious and responsible institution for training yoga teachers. I have personally taken training courses through other places and what I can say is that they are very far from what KRI offers in terms of preparation and training”

– Angelina Petrova, Level One Mexico Hybrid 2023 Graduate

“If you’re sitting on the fence, as I was, wondering if you should spend the money on it, the answer is yes! It was worth every penny! (…) Your relationship to spirit with deepen in ways you can’t conceive of right now but will understand later on.”

– Marianne Arini, Level One Mexico Hybrid 2023 Graduate

“THE BEST one can do! To embody personally the whole environment, energy, meditations, students, teachers… I highly recommend it for everybody to join. You will carry that energy and memories forever!”

– Anne Justi, Level One Mexico Hybrid 2023 Graduate