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We are all on a healing journey and so often ISSUES & CHALLENGES arise for us to work through.

By combining the power of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with the wisdom of the 12 Steps of Recovery we can fully embody these meditative and practical tools. We can then heal and continue our evolution towards personal freedom. 

We can remember we are divine and that all our problems are teachers to guide us to our highest potential. 

Concepts covered in this course:

  • This course focuses on the first
 three steps of Recovery viewed through the lens of personal empowerment.
  • 1st Step: Challenges are our greatest teachers
  • 2nd Step: Because of this, hope, health and sanity are available to us, even at our darkest moments, and 

3rd Step: When we remember that the divine is within us, we gain the courage
 and strength to heal and evolve through any problem

More Information

  • Meditations, Mantras & Kriyas specifically for embodying the first three steps
  • Personal insights, tips, and ways to embody your recovery and gain freedom in relationship to ANY challenge
  • Guided questions & time for contemplative writing
  • Learn from the author of Embodying the 12 Steps: Kundalini Yoga for
  • Recovery
  • Freedom from isolation, remembering we are not alone on this journey
  • Freedom from shame spirals through embodying the 12 Steps in a new way!
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