About Level Three Program

“In Level Three, one becomes a teacher – a teacher of truth and spirit. You develop the ability to penetrate and communicate through your presence alone and uplift the students through your subtle body. This is the teacher of the Aquarian Age, the Aquarian Teacher. Students experience the truth within them through your intention, projection, and purity.”

Yogi Bhajan, 1996

In this third and final level that Yogi Bhajan gave, we refine our authentic identity as a Teacher and deepen our unique relationship to the Sacred.

The KRI Level Three program is a personal journey to self-realization. It completes the Aquarian Teacher Training by cultivating our true identity as teachers through meditative experience, spiritual maturity and serving others.

The foundational elements of Level Three take place over 1,000 days. In this time, one commits to developing a deep meditative practice through personal and group meditation, meeting regularly with their peer group to give and receive support, and creating a Seva Legacy project comprised of their life’s passion and service. Additionally, one commits to attending the Mela, a gathering for Level Three participants to be and share together in person. All of which contributes to one’s development as a Teacher.

Level Three is a largely self-directed journey that you will plan and walk, addressing what you feel you need to develop to become an even better Teacher. You will have a peer group to help support you and hold you accountable during the minimum 1,000 day process. In this time, you will commit to having a deep meditative practice through personal and group meditation, meeting regularly with your peer group to give and receive support, and creating a Seva Legacy project that expresses your passion and gifts. Additionally, you will attend at least three Melas, a gathering for Level Three participants to be and share together in-person.

Level Three Program

The program focuses on the three qualities of a Spiritual Teacher:
Spiritual Maturity, Meditative Mind and Seva.

These qualities are intended to be cultivated and interwoven in all three levels of teacher training.
However, it is in Level Three that we experience their integration.

To read detailed description of the three pilars
of the Level Three program please click below.

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Dates and Locations
of Level Three Melas

Part of the Level Three program is attending Melas, or gatherings, once a year.
KRI offers Melas in several locations (COVID permitting) and online, in various time zones and languages.

To see detailed information on each Mela, please see the table below.

Note: You must be already enrolled in the Level 3 program to register.
If you are not currently in the Level 3 program, please apply first. 

Upcoming Melas:

MelaDateLocationOrientation Mela Application Deadline & LinkMela Registration Deadline & Link
Spanish/Portuguese Mela 2024April 5-7 OnlineApplication Deadline: March 8

Registration Deadline: March 22

China MelaNovember 1-3HybridUpcomingUpcoming
English MelaNovember 22-24OnlineUpcomingUpcoming

Frequently Asked Questions

Level Three FAQ's

You can attend the melas wherever you wish, though it is a great opportunity to be together with your peer group (often the only chance to all be together in-person), so we encourage you to consistently attend one mela.

 The language for each Mela varies by region. 

  • North American Mela – English
  • European Mela – English, and we will try to arrange translation for other languages if possible
  • China Mela – Chinese
  • Southeast Asia Mela – English
  • Latin American Mela – Spanish and Portuguese
  • Global Online Mela – English

To receive a Level Three graduate certificate you must attend three Melas. This can happen over more than 1,000 days.

It is encouraged that your third Mela be to celebrate your certification.” But all Level 3 participants are welcome to attend as many melas as they want, even after certification!

Yes, it is possible to finish between Melas and receive your certification certificate via mail. One does not have to attend a graduation ceremony to earn their certificate.

Peers in a peer group do not have to graduate at the same time. We hope that your group will choose to stay together and keep meeting at least until everyone has graduated. If some members of your peer group graduate and choose not to continue, please let KRI (via [email protected]) know and we’ll work with you about how to move forward.

No, just as when you are Level One certified you cannot teach a Level One training. Similarly, when you are Level Two certified you cannot teach a Level Two module. The same is for Level Three.