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I love traveling to Chile each year for the International Festival of Kundalini Yoga and the KRI Trainer’s Forum. January 20-26, all of South America gathers in the foothills of the Andes Mountains at the beautiful town of San Esteban. The festival is hidden in a beautiful valley surrounded by the astounding abundance of nature. To me, it feels like my home away from home.

Each year I stay out in Lampa with Jai Gopal Kaur and her beautiful family and then travel with them to Los Andes for the Yoga Festival.  This Yoga Festival is result of the devotion of a team of younger Kundalini Yoga Teachers and Trainers who work all year to put on incredible this event.   At the end of the Festival, we have a one day teachers meeting and then two days later meet at the Agni Yoga Center for the Chilean Trainer’s Forum.

This year at the Forum the trainers from Chile did most of the teachings and there was a powerful workshop on the Anatomy of Sound by Sat Jiwan Singh and Gurudarshan Singh.   Sat Jiwan Singh, a Professional Teacher Trainer, is a physiotherapist working with the Ballet of Chile and a teacher at the University. Gurudarshan Singh, a Professional Teacher Trainer, is a musician as well as a trainer.   Together they told the story of how sound effects our being even on the cellular level.  All members of the Forum were totally engaged in this workshop asking questions and sharing with one another.   It was a community of teachers and students impassioned with a subject and it was totally exciting.

Here I am with one of the trainers from Santiago, Bachan Singh. The trainers gave me this gift of a handmade sign “KRI Embassy.” We always joke that when I come to run the Forum, we open the KRI Embassy in Chile for two days.  As I travel the world working with trainers and teachers this sign hangs in my office to remind me of the importance of serving these relationships.

The International Festival of Kundalini Yoga in Chile is a great experience of our global family.  Why don’t you join us in 2018?  Find the details at: http://www.festivalkundalini.com


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