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By Shanti K Khalsa

Do you remember your first Kundalini Yoga class?  I do.  I dropped into a class at the University of New Hampshire where I was majoring in Philosophy in 1972.  I had never done yoga and I had no idea what to expect.  The class was led by this amazing woman dressed in white – something I had never seen before.  She taught a basic spinal series, followed by a meditation and a layout.  It was the first time I experienced my own consciousness and I wanted more.  I started going to sadhana that week and I have never stopped!

That mind-blowing experience doesn’t often happen today because many people come to Kundalini Yoga only after experiencing other yoga forms. They are often surprised by the flow of our classes because is it very different than other yoga. Aili Kuutan, a wonderful Kundalini Yoga instructor and transformational coach, recently posted a blog “Here’s What I Wish I’d Known Before My First Kundalini Yoga Class.”  She clearly lays out eight elements of a Kundalini Yoga class that would be so helpful for students to know about before taking their first class.

Read Aili’s great blog, and you may find some wisdom in relating to your own experience or your new students!



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