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You don’t need to do more to be wise and true. Rather, the ability to reset to simple in these times is essential for stepping beyond the chronic stress of survival mode into a juicy life worth living that builds your kind of success from the inside. 

Yoga and Ayurveda have great tools and techniques to support the  realignment to your authentic self in practical ways  throughout the day- like wake up routine and early morning practices so you can be the highest expression of you for the rest of the day. 


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  • Re-assess your basic self-care habits with support from Kundalini Yoga, Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition and Karam Kriya Sacred Numerology.
  • An intensive process of meditation, journalling as well as creative exploration with clay.
  • Customizing your wake-up routine and early morning practice.


Jagat Joti Kaur is an artist, writer and L2 Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer as well as a sacred numerology counsellor through the Karam Kriya School.

In 2008 she set up a yoga and healing arts programme through the Maudsley NHS Trust of hospitals in London.  for –  work she now extends on her return to her birth place of Cape Town. She has offered workshops exploring the creative process of art and yoga with galleries such as Tate Modern and Britain and the National Portrait Gallery, London. 

Whether within an ashram, gallery, hospital or one-on-one – she offers creative tools for self-exploration and transformation to bring yoga to life in your everyday.

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