Level Three Requirements and Application



For Level Three Eligibility

Please read carefully below the requirements to join the Level Three program.


– ALL are required –

    1. Level One Certified
    2. Level Two Certified (completion of all five L2 modules)
    3. Taught 500 hours of Kundalini Yoga (since the Level 1 graduation)
    4. In compliance with the current Code of Ethics & Professional Standards of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and conduct yourself in accordance with the highest professional standards.


– Need to have fulfilled a minimum of TWO practices below –


Option 1: TWO items from Meditation & Personal Practice category
Option 2:
ONE item from Meditation & Personal Practice and ONE item from Community Service.


Meditation and Personal Practice

  • Long Ek Ong Kars — 40 Days 2 ½ hours before sunrise
  • Kirtan Kriya — 40 Days 2 ½ hours while wearing white
  • Master’s Touch — 40 Days 2 ½ hour
  • Full Aquarian Sadhana — 40 Days
  • A physical exercise Kriya in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan ® (60 min+) — 40 Days.
  • Other 40 Day 2 ½ hour meditation
  • Personally attended 40 of Yogi Bhajan’s classes or watched 40 Yogi Bhajan videos with consciousness of a student.
  • Sahej Paath (any language)

Community Service

  • Engagement in and service to the 3HO community for at least 2 consecutive years in any of the following ways
  • Seva Team Leader at Solstice or Yoga Festival
  • Organized or host local events like White Tantric Yoga
  • Organized community potlucks, Full Moon Meditations etc.
  • Organized an Akandh Paath
  • Participated in communal Seva Projects like Free Kitchens
  • Publishing newsletters, translating KY/3HO materials
  • Held a role of responsibility in a national or local 3HO related organization
  • Other comparable activities


Application Process

If you meet the above requirements and you are ready to join the Level Three program please read the following application steps:


Step One:

    • Choose the location where you would like to participate – a new cohort (group) will starts every year in the United States, Europe and South America. Wherever you start is where you will need to continue attending Melas in that region.
    • Submit the online application and corresponding fee:
      • $108 USD for United States Program
      • $108 Euros for Europe Program
      • $60 USD for South America Program
    • See the table below for the specific applications dates and links for registration.

MelaDateLocationOrientation Mela Application Deadline & LinkMela Registration Deadline & Link
China MelaNovember 1-3HybridUpcomingUpcoming
English MelaNovember 22-24Online 2024 English Mela Application 2024 English Mela Registration
    • Once we have received your online application we will send to you 3 forms to electronically sign through Docusign. If you would like to review these forms you can do so by clicking on the following links:
      1. Self Responsibility Agreement
      2. Code of Ethics
      3. Health Questionnaire
      4. Liability Release Form
    • Applications will be reviewed and information about Step Two will be emailed once your application is approved and you meet the requirements to enter the program.


Step Two:

    • You will be emailed a link to the Self-Reflection form after your Step One application has been approved.

Note: The letters of self-reflection ARE NOT letters of recommendations. This is a specific questionnaire designed to deepen your understanding of yourself and begin your path in the Level Three program


Step Three:

    • Register and pay for the corresponding Mela. Upon submission of the Self-Reflection form you will be emailed a link to register and pay for the Mela.


If you have any questions about the Level Three Program please contact us at [email protected]