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KRI – Message & Meditation of the Month from Nirvair February 2020



Shabd Guru

Originally taught on July 3rd, 1982 

“Whosoever chants the 33rd pauri of Japji Sahib 25 times a day, there is nothing on Earth he will not have. Guru Nanak sang this pauri as a sampuran kriya, a perfect, perfect seal. This pauri means that if you ask for nothing, you will get everything—that is the law. Whosoever chants this pauri 25 times a day, there is nothing on the Earth that he or she will not have. Ask for nothing, just praise the Lord.”

Yogi Bhajan, July 3, 1982

Sometimes as humans we forget that the One who created us really does love us. We spend our lives looking for a sense of security. We search for that security in the material world, rather than searching for it in the love of the Creator. The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is fear. Fear is what kills the experience of love. We do so many things on the material plane in an attempt to prevent fear from taking over our lives. We try to build security for ourselves just to keep fear at bay, hoping that one day, the love we long for will come.

Guru Nanak understood that about human nature. In the 33rd Pauri he gives a very effective antidote to fear. All of the things we long for, all that we are worried about, all of our striving, all of the images we create in our minds of what constitutes security, Guru Nanak takes that list and says, “I have no power to do any of this. I have no power to live. I have no power to die. I have no power to accumulate wealth. I have no power to liberate myself. All of that power is in Your Hands, Oh Divine Creator of mine.”

For those with children, you know that there are times when you want to help them, but they stubbornly turn away. They may need your help, but they do not want your help. They want to figure it out for themselves—how to do something, how to get something—this is the way we treat the Creator. The Divine created us and has the power to create everything for us. But we turn away, wanting to do it on our own. Like a kind, loving parent, the Divine watches with a smile, and waits patiently for that moment when we will say, “I can’t do it. I don’t have the power to do it. If it pleases You, You can do it for me.”

Suggested Practice:

The 33rd Pauri, when recited 25 times a day, brings us to that state of surrender, where we realize, Wow, I really can’t do it. I really have no power. But there is a Loving Universal Infinite Divine Creator—and the hand of that One can do it all. So let’s stop this illusion that we have the power, and let’s just appreciate the hand of that One, and what It’s already done for us. In such a consciousness, we discover and find that Love is there. Love has been there all along, and by accepting what the Loving Creator wants to bring us, we have all the security we need.



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