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(BPT) -Preparing for the holidays is a breeze. Especially if you have kids. There’s nothing more relaxing than managing menus, cleaning up after guests, decorating the house, buying gifts, making travel arrangements, navigating family drama, and hosting social gatherings, especially during a global pandemic.

No, wait.

The opposite.

It’s exhausting! And like much of the stress of the pandemic, many of these activities and organizational responsibilities fall on moms.

There’s no avoiding the holidays —they are coming, ready or not. But there are things we can do to take care of ourselves so that we can get through the next few months with our health and sanity.

Remember this:

You Are a Goddess.

Write it down on a Post-it note and put it on your bathroom mirror. Write it on your hand with a Sharpie if you have to. You are strong and fierce and wise.

Awaken your Kundalini through meditation.

“Kundalini” describes the divine feminine energy that is inherent in all beings. It’s often portrayed as being a coiled snake, lying dormant at the base of the spine. (If you’re a mom, you might relate, because what more does a mom want than to unwind?)

Accessing the Kundalini energy daily can deliver the strength you need to get through the stress of the holiday season. It can bring peace to your actions and help you understand that you are not alone —we are all in this together.

Here’s how.

Find somewhere you can be alone. (Moms will appreciate this already.) Kundalini Yoga can be practiced in a bedroom and no one will care how messy it is. It can be practiced in an office with a closed door. It can be practiced in a park. Everyone can find a place for this simple daily practice from 3HO, an organization dedicated to sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga:

Sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine —chin-in and chest lifted.

Rest your hands comfortably on your knees or in your lap. Try the Gyan Mudra hand gesture, touching your first finger and your thumb together like you would to signal “OK.”

Close your eyes and be aware of your breath.

Inhale through the nose in 8 equal strokes. Exhale through the nose in one deep and powerful stroke. Continue for 11 minutes, or as long as feels comfortable. Inhale deeply and hold the breath 5-10 seconds. Exhale. Inhale deeply and hold the breath 15-20 seconds and roll your shoulders. Exhale powerfully. Inhale deeply and hold the breath 15-20 seconds and roll the shoulders as fast as you can. Exhale and relax.

Now what?

This part is easy. Believe in yourself. Because you’ve got this.

Kundalini Yoga is a scientifically proven source of self-care. A study involving women with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) found that just eight weeks of Kundalini Yoga can reduce anxiety levels to those seen following eight weeks of standard cognitive therapy.

For more information on Kundalini Yoga and how it can benefit your health and wellness, visit 3HO.org.


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