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How to live with an open heart

Letting go of grudges can be one of the hardest things to do when we are not ready to overcome the past or able to process the experiences that have been the cause of trauma or feelings like fear, despair, or loneliness.

Although these feelings can often drive us to connect in a deeper way with our inner Self, at the same time, they can be like drinking our own poison: in the long run, holding grudges and hard feelings can kill our spirit and build internal walls that close up our hearts. 

Most of the time, to be our cure, forgive, let go of the past, and not beat ourselves up, one thing is needed: COURAGE. For Plato, courage was knowing what not to fear; and Mark Twain described it as the resistance to fear, mastery of fear, and not the absence of it.

Adarsh Kaur, B.A. in Anthropology and English, Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a creator of a variety of Celestial Communications, defines courage as the “core” (heart) of thoughts, dreams, feelings, and emotions.

“Courage is a heart word that derives from the Latin ‘cor’; it refers to the core of one’s deepest feelings and innermost thoughts. For the heart harbors thoughts and dreams as well as feelings and emotions. The heart can be mined for enduring courage and imagination, yet we must often be driven there by fear, despair, or loneliness”, Adarsh Kaur shares with her students when they sign up for her Celestial Communication class.

Courage is intimately linked with the heart as a vital organ, but also as an energetic body, and is related to body motion as well. Courage-Heart-Body is interconnected to give us the experience of being human beings, exploring our humanity, and letting our bodies express the message in our hearts.

“When the time comes for the heart to open fully again, the old fears will awaken, and the inner walls will tighten up. Although fear can become terrifying and paralyzing, what we most fear is where we must go”, explains Adarsh Kaur.

Adarsh has been sharing Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and one-on-one spiritual mentorship for almost two decades, as well as Celestial Communication workshops and classes online and around the globe.

Celestial Communication is a tool from Kundalini Yoga focused on mind relaxation and meditation with mudra in motion. It uses the movement of the arms and upper body to express the meaning of mantras. It relaxes tense parts of the brain through the nerve connections in the fingertips, activating the meridians, and it also helps to get rid of the stress built up inside of you. One of its known benefits is to help heal Cold Depression, by bringing out the light and letting your true self shine.

Adarsh is now offering a “Celestial Communication for the Heart Bundle” in our E-Learning Center to awaken the flow of your heart’s song with fluid and feminine meditations, flow the sacred sound through the body, experience deep listening, and tap into your infinite LOVE.

Are you ready to release grudges and live with courage and an open heart? Would you like to experience and express infinite love? Are you looking for the body to be relaxed and ease the pain of experiences from the past? Click here to access this workshop and get another FREE course* with Adarsh Kaur!

Please feel free to share your experience with this course and how you feel practicing these beautiful tools to open your heart and heal your soul. Blessings to you!

*Offer valid only up to October 31st, 2022.


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