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One of the most inspiring expressions of KRI Teacher Training is the service that teachers do during and after Level One Teacher Training.  Wherever I travel I have the opportunity to experience the power of this technology to uplift the spirit.  It always amazes and humbles me!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rq78GoN3iE[/embedyt]

This lovely video of Ramsukh Kaur of Lima shows her devotion to the patients at the Community Hospital. This is where patients come who do not have the funds for their chemo therapy and other treatments.   The demand is so high… many of those in need travel for hours by bus or even by foot to receive care and often sleep on the lawn between treatments.

Kundalini Yoga teachers and students from the Teacher Training program, and from a wonder organization called Mujer de Luz, offer meditations with mantra during the chemotherapy treatments and offer Kundalini Yoga Classes in the auditorium to staff and patients.  When I walked in with these teachers I could feel the deep affection and bond between the staff and the teachers.  The beauty is that each and every Kundalini Yoga teacher finds his or her place of service.  This program was initiated years ago by Balwant Kaur of Lima, Peru who is now in the process of becoming a Teacher Trainer.  Hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world.


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