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The Neutral Mind – Quick! You have Nine Seconds

The Neutral Mind, the 4th body, is the abode of your intuition. From here, you look at the whole play of life with insight and compassion. The Neutral Mind evaluates the input of your Negative and Positive Minds (and the rest of the Ten Bodies as well) and gives you guidance within a frame of nine seconds. It has a very intuitive vantage point.

If your Neutral Mind is weak, you may have a hard time making decisions. You’ll have the habit of feeling victimized by life because you don’t know how to integrate your experiences and find meaning in them. You may have a hard time seeing beyond the polarities of life on Earth and tuning into the great cosmic scheme of things.

As explained by Yogi Bhajan on December 14, 1988:

"Let me tell you something - as a human being, whether you are religious or non-religious, whether you are rich or you are poor, whether you are good or you are bad, it does not make any difference in the secret of success. The secret of success is that you must develop yourself to answer anything in nine seconds. Your free will, the gap period in life, is nine seconds. Beyond nine seconds in your life, exists nothing. Not only in nine seconds should you answer anything, in nine seconds you should answer everything, and it has to be a hundred percent correct. There is no chance in your life except for nine seconds. Can you believe it? In nine seconds, you should give a correct answer to any challenge and that is how the human brain is made. Human brains are not made the way you use them. You use your human brain for shallow things and use your life energy for shallow things. When your life energy is used for shallow things, you have no energy to create the answer when deep questions, deep crisis, deep confrontations come. Period. That's how you suffer in your life."

How does one develop the ability to answer anything within nine seconds? Develop your stillness and intuition through meditation. Try this one for 40 days. “Meditation for Self-Blessing Guidance by Intuition.


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