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Hey you.  Yes, I am talking to you! Do you consider yourself a real man?”  <Oh, no! I thought we left those questions behind in the 90’s!>

Actually, most of us have evolved past challenging each other’s manhood. However, the question of what really is authentic masculinity – I mean the real deal – has never been fully answered by our modern society. And we see no clues about it in the world around us.  So, dear brother, if you are confused, I don’t blame you!.

In the nick of time, Jivan Mukta Singh brings the teachings of Yogi Bhajan on manhood and masculinity to us all in his ground-breaking program Total Man Training. Yogi Bhajan taught a series of MAN TO MAN seminars where he delivered insights, techniques, and technology about the sacred journey of manhood. This collection of lectures is a fundamental pillar of the Total Man Training.

Total Man Training is an accessible and innovative exploration of the divine masculine for the men of our time. The training is designed to:

  • Offer a space where men can gather and develop areas of their individuality together.
  • Receive and share wisdom and techniques to generate confidence, strength and intuitive intelligence.
  • Integrate powerful and healing yogic experiences and spiritual knowledge to become leaders with depth, kindness, and inner power.

Jivan Mukta Singh writes about sacred masculinity:

“We are the powerful embodiment of masculine energy.
We are here to bring the seed of peace, prosperity and protection.
Our forefathers exalted truth and promoted integrity with their lives.
And we are the generation of men called to restore masculinity’s harmony and inner balance.
We are here to build our intensity and vision.
And we are to unfold a life of wisdom and compassion.
We are men of different places, backgrounds and ages.
But around this circle we come as men and we raise as Heroes, Creators and Sages.”

Give yourself the gift of brotherhood this year, and join Total Man Training. “If man knows his value, the world world will value him.” Yogi Bhajan

Contact Jivan Mukta Singh for more information at: [email protected]

Total Man TrainingTM is an accredited course by the Kundalini Research Institute. It is a “Speciality Courses” for men with the “KRI Seal of Approval”.


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