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Through thousands of years, yogis have “contemplated their navels,” a derogatory way of saying they were selfishly looking inward at the expense of a wider view. But there is actually a greatest wisdom in being at the center point of the Nabhi, our life source and power resource. The lifetimes that these sages dedicated to this pursuit have left a heritage of holy scriptures for humanity that continues to guide and uplift us through the ages and across cultures. 

Our lineage, too, can lead us on an exciting path of self-research and discovery. KRI, Kundalini Research Institute (as “kri” as in “Kriya”): the nature of conscious action in relationship to the Teachings and ourselves. This research arises from the fertile ground of your life. What health and life circumstances have prompted you to find a new path rather than a habitual one? What habits need transforming? Perhaps you may feel that you are not in a sufficiently lofty space to embark on such researchnot having sufficient academic background or understanding? One of the beauties of our path is that it is one of self-initiation. In other words, the research you choose to do for yourself is up to you and only needs to meet your requirements. Some research through movement and song, others through math and statistics. All are valid and needed. 

Besides, we start where we are and map the path as we go, in ways that work themselves out as we exert the effort and explore the work itself. There is a saying, “That by which we fall is that by which we rise.” In other words, our greatest challenges in life can be the painful motivators for what then becomes deep insight. For instance, I remember walking down the very long and lonely corridor of a hospital a couple of decades ago and vowing never to return. My health had worsened, and I felt broken in the alienating environment. Yet before I reached the exit, I felt a change of motivationto offer back what I could not find there for myself. This then became the foundation for work that started within that very same building, so many decades ago, to offer spaces of creative retreat for staff, clients, their families, and caregivers. Because I yearned for a hospital space that reflected the etymology of the word – “hotel of God” – more in line with the ancient Greek sense of an esclepean temple, a space of great beauty and profound healing that brought together the relationship of atma, the soul, and Paramatma, the great soul, in divine communion. 

We have the opportunity to explore qualitative research in ourselves through a combination of Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations, combined with healing arts and journaling, as an inspiring documentation of opening to consciousness, both for ourselves and potentially to share with others. It has been said that it may take hundreds of years before science has the language to explain the effects of our Kundalini Yoga practice, but we can share what we are discovering, as some already do, each in our own way.

So what inspires our research as we move forward into the start of the Aquarian age? What research do we want and need to instigate individually at a local community level but also at an international level so that we are proactive as to the change we want to offer to the world as much as in ourselves at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level? What experiments in the earth, animal, and human conscious communities do you feel drawn to be part of? Or is it something related to your particular work expertise combined with Kundalini Yoga? How do you express and explore personally and collaboratively the fulfilling creative possibilities of kri(ya)?

Since this is a path of consciousness, we have the opportunity to initiate research that doesn’t just pull us deeper into maya and the mind field, but rather, as a way to liberation, we can practice self-enquiry that aligns us to our soul’s purpose and destiny, meets our requirements, and fulfills our goal. As part of this, we refine our choice of kriyas and meditations from the thousands available to us rather than just practice favorites. What is appropriate for this time in your life and your present circumstances? Which combination will lead you on a journey into a self you don’t yet know, and how do you document the process that nourishes and speaks to you? 

This is a call to encourage the fine art of kundalini research that is as scientific as it is gentle, poetic, intuitive, and feminine. A self-research that inhabits your voice and brings your unique God-given gifts to the world for you to enjoy, and equally all of us too.


Meditation for the Neutral Mind


Here is a simple and profound meditation from the book The Mind, Its Projections, and Multiple Facets. It is easy to hear a truth, but it takes a lifetime to live it. This meditation develops the Neutral Mind to open the door to your true self so that you can enjoy your light and share it with the world. 

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine and a light Neck Lock. 

Mudra: Place both hands in the lap with the palms facing up, resting the right hand into the left. The thumb tips may touch or not. 

Eye Focus: Closed.

Visualization: Remove all tension from every part of the body. Imagine seeing your self sitting peacefully and full of radiance. Then, gradually, let your energy collect like a flow at the Third Eye Point. 

Breath: Let it regulate itself into a meditative, slow, almost suspended manner. Continue to concentrate without effort at the Third Eye Point and mentally vibrate in a monotone, as if chopping the sound, projecting each syllable distinctly WHA-HAY GU-ROO (the infinite identity of darkness to light) Call on the higher self and keep going steadily through all barriers. Let go and let God. 

Time: 11-31 minutes


Suggested journaling exercise

  • What is healing art for me? 
  • What is my starting point now?
  • What does it look like? 
  • How do I integrate this into my everyday life in a way that inspires me and is also sustainable over the long term?
  • What is my life’s kriya? 
  • What self-research do I need to explore now? 
  • How will I document it and share it?

Love light blessings,

Jagat Joti Kaur


Tantrika painting. This colour painting of this cross-legged meditating figure illustrates the chakras and kundalini. Chakras are the nexus of metaphysical and biophysical energy that reside in the human body. Kundalini is power, curled up in the back part of the root chakra, in three and one-half turns around the sacrum (the base of the torso).


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