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KRI – Message & Meditation of the Month from Nirvair September 2019

Meditation to Extend the Brain to Infinity

also called Meditation for Stress or Sudden Shock

Originally taught on January 29th, 1979


In this class, the meditation was taught for 4½ minutes with a warning to slowly build up the time, not to exceed 31 minutes.


1. Sit straight in a comfortable position with a straight spine.

2. Relax the arms down with the elbows bent. Moving from the elbows draw the forearms in toward each other until the hands meet in front of the body about 1 inch above the navel.

3. With both palms facing up, rest the right hand in the palm of the left hand. Press thumb-tips together and pull the thumbs toward the body.

4. Inhale deeply. Chant the mantra in a monotone as the breath is completely exhaled      

Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam
Sat Naam Sat Naam Whaa-hay Guroo.

5. Each word is one beat. The entire mantra is chanted on one breath. Use the tip of the tongue to pronounce each word exactly.

Eyes Focus:

Look at the tip of the nose.

To End:

Inhale deeply, hold the breath and stretch the arms up over the head as high as possible. Stretch with every ounce that you can muster. Exhale and relax down. Repeat 2 more times.

This meditation balances the left hemisphere of the brain with the base of the right hemisphere. This enables the brain to maintain its equilibrium under stress or sudden shock. It also keeps the nerves from being shattered under those circumstances. When your prayer does not work and nothing else seems to work, practice this meditation and see how quick it WILL work. The rhythm is unique and must be maintained. This meditation causes the heavy area of the vagus nerve to activate. This extends the brain, eventually to Infinity. The result for the meditator is that he will blossom into his entire potential.


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