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photo credit: Hayne Palmour IV/The San Diego Union-Tribune

Davinder Singh and Harisimran Kaur Khalsa are two people who make a big difference for those who have found themselves homeless in San Diego. Together, as a beautiful vision and mission of their marriage, they founded the Duwara Consciousness Foundation (DCF) dedicated to helping people, including those less fortunate than us, to come together in a comfortable and safe environment to share meals, experiences, life events, and even deep friendships!

DCF offers the county’s only 100% donation-based mobile food operation. With their mobile food-truck, Davinder and Harisimran are committed to providing good, nutritious, hot meals to those who need it most. Right now, they are serving food 3 times a week, offered by welcoming volunteers who serve a big dose of respect and love as well as food. The goals of their project are to alleviate food insecurity, promote nutrition and health, and promote relationship-building for San Diego County’s most vulnerable populations. They plan to expand their current food-trailer operation to 10 meal-serving locations per week and are working hard to attract funds and volunteers to make this happen.

But their vision and mission does not stop there! Their next project is a mobile vehicle that will provide 30,000 mobile showers and 7,500 loads of laundry per year for 40,000 people experiencing homelessness in San Diego county. As explained on their website, “Good hygiene is as unattainable as it is critical for our homeless neighbors in San Diego. Many have minimal access to showers or laundry services. At $10-$15 per load at the laundromat, staying fresh is more than a person living on the streets can afford. Lack of hygiene can be a profound detriment to one’s dignity and only exacerbates the other problems associated with homelessness and job insecurity.” The cost of the mobile shower bus is $150,000, and DCF is only $30,000 short of making this a reality. To be part of this great project, you can make a donation at duwara.org or at the foundation’s Facebook page. Read more about the work of Davinder and Harisimran at the San Diego Union-Tribune, and take a moment to make a donation now.


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