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Kundalini Yoga in Action

We are a collective initiative of teachers and practitioners of Kundalini Yoga, inspired to research and educate on the extent of longevity as a social phenomenon and to promote healthy aging. Above all, we are encouraged by the desire to serve and honor the elderly.

We were born as an NGO in 2019, in the midst of a great social explosion in Chile, after decades of living in a context of inequality and injustice, where one of the most vulnerable segments has turned out to be the elderly. Although our experience dates from a couple of years ago, where we already worked with people who suffered from chronic pain, most of them over 50 years, then we worked in a network of religious homes for the elderly, where we could experience on the one hand the loneliness of many people who are coming to such facilities and on the other hand how beneficial it was for them to practice yoga and learn to meditate, later we expanded our service to yoga schools and social circles organized around the needs of the so-called Older Adults. 

This path has not been easy, as we have often encountered a lack of resonance from the technical teams in the organizations and we have had to study a lot in order to be able to show them on their terms the scope and benefits that the practice of Kundalini Yoga can bring and to be taken seriously. It has not been easy because many times we have encountered resistance to turbans, mantras, even the target of our clothing being sometimes more considerate than the benefits it has brought to the people we serve.

It has not been easy because we have even had to become aware of our own prejudices when working with older people, especially now that this year 2020, as a result of the Pandemic and the necessary preventive isolation, we could not do more classes or mass events as we had been doing in municipalities the previous year and we were forced to use the alternatives that life was bringing us at that time: online classes.

Unthinkable in many ways because of the challenge of maintaining the space generated in a Kundalini Yoga class through the internet and the gap between the elderly and technology.

Now that we can look back on this challenging 2020, almost 10 months of continuously teaching and zooming in on more than 150 people daily, of having invited kundalini teachers and relevant people in the world of the elderly to touch on the subject of healthy aging, after having conducted multiple circles of conversation and accompaniment in this long time of confinement, Now that we have dared to open new spaces and schedules of special online classes where we serve and accompany with the technology of Kundalini Yoga suitable for people with Parkinson’s, Depression and Chronic Pain, now that we see all that we have done this group of teachers from different schools and regions of the country moved by love and service, we can only be grateful.

Gratitude for the experience of Kundalini Yoga , gratitude for the support of each of the people who have led this loving gesture of being and serving , gratitude for believing in this vision of giving back and honoring the value of the elderly, gratitude because after all this year people who attend classes and conversation circles declare themselves as Radiant Adults.  

We invite you to replicate the experience in other countries so that more Kundalini Yoga teachers are inspired to serve in this way. Adulto Radiante has already crossed the borders of Chile, and we have trained teachers from Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador and Spain.

Longevity and the issue of healthy aging is a global one, the population of older people is growing exponentially and through Kundalini Yoga we have much to offer.

 Naad Singh

Radiant Adult President


To contact Adulto Radiante and find out more about the service they are providing to their community you can contact Naad Singh at [email protected] or visit their website: www.adultoradiante.org

To hear some testimonies from students that have participated in the program. Note: testimonies in Spanish, no translation available.


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